She does find real friendship, and she draws strength from those friends—just as she does from the love and support of her family. The cover of Chrissa. February 13th is on a Friday, corresponding to the correct date of the year. Chrissa asks Mr. Beck if she and Gwen can be moved around in lieu of all that has happened to the two of them, and Mr.Beck moves Gwen and a boy named Joel into cluster 4. Discover new clothes and dresses for girls and dolls. Chrissa trusts her for the most part and Tara at first cuts Gwen's hair just fine—and then decides that she wants to get back at Chrissa again and ruins Gwen's bangs. Chrissa wonders how it can be so fun to break other people and then invites Gwen to her home. She also joins the school's swim team, but soon quits after an accident at the pool involving her older brother, Tyler, but she soon understands that the reason that she quit shows her less than who she actually is and to her foes. Chrissa walks up to Gwen and talks to her, telling her she should do swimming. She then works with Tara to win by assuring her, that even if th… “Ohh,” Tara said in a voice just quiet enough not to draw attention from the teacher. I’m just having a little fun.”. Chrissa calls Amanda but Amanda is away for the weekend with Haley, another one of Chrissa's friends, in Des Moines. I smiled back. After Ms. Thompson's speech, Gwen, Sonali and Chrissa clean up tables together and Sonali confesses to Gwen that it was Tara who ruined her bangs, and that Chrissa would never do such a thing. Chrissa decides to invite Sonali over for a sleepover. She lets Cosmos and Checkers know where its appropriate to go to the bathroom by leaving "llama beans" on the ground. Chrissa's Whole World. She doesn't want to tell anyone because she thinks if she tells that she'll be a tattletale, so she decides to keep the bullying a secret. Back in class Mr. Beck asks Chrissa to deliver the permission slips for the swim class. Chrissa Stands Strong. Nana pulls into a drive thru and orders food for her and Chrissa while the workers at the drive through look at and ask questions about llamas. When I pivoted, I pictured myself as a beautiful mermaid, more comfortable in water than on land. Chrissa, Sonali and Gwen make headbands to celebrate their new friendship together. I’d seen girls like this before. Sonali has to make her final stand against Jadyn and Tara when they confront her. Chrissa responds that Gwen can come over and get a hair cut. Chrissa's class is putting glaze on the bowls for Sunrise House when Gwen says she is sick and wants to go to the bathroom. Her father and brother are firing the glazed bowls in the kiln for the fundraiser. Nana announces that she'd like the family to get together and make s'mores, which are made with graham crackers, bananas, marshmallows, and chocolate in this case. Sonali also confesses that Tara and Jadyn are no longer her friends. Chrissa's Starter Collection consisted of the doll, two books, Chrissa's Pet Llama, Chrissa's Swim Team Gear, Chrissa's Sundress, and a Play and Display Stand for $178. Later, in swim practice Chrissa shows Gwen how to do a dead man's float. Chrissa hopes that the permission slips made it to the office, but she has a feeling that something is up. Chrissa helps Nana move Cosmos and Checkers to the van. Author Chrissa is a 10 year old girl who lives with her father, mother, brother Tyler (who is about a year older than Chrissa), and grandmother Nana. She has moved from Iowa to Edgewater, Minnesota to live with Nana following the death of her maternal grandfather and is starting in a new school. Chrissa puts two and two together and realizes what Gwen has been going through over the last several months and why she didn't want to come to Chrissa's home after she figures out that Janine is Gwen's mother. Unlike previous Girls of the Year, Chrissa was not given a Whole World collection. Chrissa boards the school bus and sits with her brother, and then the Mean Bees come and say hi to her brother for no apparent reason. Chrissa finds one of a model who looks a lot like Gwen and uses the image to talk to Gwen. You two could have your own club. Chrissa's father reveals that he needs help if he is going to get 200 bowls ready for a fundraiser.

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