Afterwards, save warp to the bureau and start the assassination. Memory fast forwards. When you get control chat with Lucy a couple times. wasted skip note: the first view point can be skipped using glitches, but you only get stuck this way because the game is very touchy on the order you do some things in this game. I took the clockwise path and it can be done in about half the time, so no need to make mistakes by rushing. From SDA Knowledge Base < Assassin's Creed. You can kill or avoid them. When they're done sprint back toward them and around the far side of the building, hop the wall behind the bench of there and run up the hill to the pickpocket mission. Climb up, jump down and get your feather. Head off to Acre through the Kingdom, stopping at towers along the way if you haven’t already. There are cameras all over the place, so how could you get away with wandering freely about where you don’t belong and accessing the computers? Sprint right by them to the bench, sit down, turn the camera and quickly lock on and listen. ii. After the pickpocket, continue in the same direction as you were heading before, which takes you uphill and around some buildings to the left. Get to the rooftops and make your way back to the Bureau for a closing conversation. If not, just sprint and you’ll catch him eventually. At one point you'd have to go out of your way to stay on the rooftops, so just jump down to the street and run the rest of the way. viii. iv. The target is located in the northeast corner of the district in an area with guards posted at the entrances. Go into your room when she gives you the brush off and realizes you’ve had a visitor. Interrogation – Follow the target down some stairs and hit him when he turns into the dark alley. I chose Acre. Sprint down the hill to the tower and jump off the horse onto the tower at full gallop, then climb up that side and synchronize at the top. Once inside the Poor District, you are shown one tower on your map. You can take out the guards or lure them away from the door with a random guard assassination out front. As usual, get anonymous and return to the bureau to get berated for your lack of discretion in making the kill. About halfway down, jump the wall on the right which should take you right in front of the two guys you need to eavesdrop on. There’s a large central building in this compound and the entrance is in the northeast corner. There’s also the one citizen outside the city. Attachment shows a couple paths he might take. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. At that point, you can just stroll right in. Return to the Bureau chief to get your feather. 4. iv. Alternate strategy: from the town gate, turn left and run a few blocks to reach pickpocketing mission. Go on up. Last one should be on a roof above him, so just jump down. Find out that the followers of your target will interfere to save him if they have the opportunity. He tells you your target is found inside the Hospitalier fortress. 4. He tells you that you have to make kills in Acre and Jerusalem. Outside Acre, and I know you’re shocked, there’s a citizen in distress. Listen to their conversation through the vents. You are now Rank 3. i. Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough for Memory Block 2 of Assassin's Creed. i. Ride or run down to the the citizen, then jump of and take out the three guards. i. Memory fast forwards. m. Memory Block 3 – Acre, the assassination. You'll be to the interrogation target's left and you can jump across the wooden railings to him, making sure to target him in the air after the last jump so you land as close to him as possible. If you take out the guards and let it reset, you can beat him up where he orates. Interrogation – Near the front gate. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. That’s the time to break the blend and assassinate him from behind. Afterward, sprint down the hill and take the quick way down by jumping the wall halfway down to a rooftop to a beam to the ground then continue down the last slope. All Rights Reserved. Do a jumping lock on the citizen to skip his cutscene and get back on the horse. Now there are five messages in her inbox. There is Assassins Creed 1, Assassins Creed 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, and Assassins Creed Revelations. You can get to a 12th by the time you’re ready for this assassination. Altaïr is stripped of all his equipment and abilities, so when you're sprinting around, be careful not to run into anyone, as you can't tackle them out of the way. From the top of the bureau, run across the rooftops to the assassination. i. vi. You can jump to a wooden platform to the north and then chase him across the rooftops. He’ll run if he sees that you’re attacking. Oh well. ii. He’s left of the gate in a cemetery with five guards. Eavesdrop – You learn that there may be an archer or two missing from the rooftops. You can either blend with the scholars or kill a random guard in the square so that the entry is left abandoned. Assassins Creed - Memory Block 2 Walkthrough Skip to Sections... Intermission Masyaf Traitor Investigation To Damascus Entering Damascus Damascus Investigations Damascus Assassination Intermission Enter Desmond’s room, which is across from the Animus table. As usual, return to the bureau chief for some story and your feather. In the Assassin's Creed II Memories Guide there are lists of all the main memories titled with which sequence they are apart of. From there keep running with an immediate right onto the street that takes you right back to the ladder at the bureau. Drop down and head near the front gate. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Run right past the two eavesdropping targets to the bench on the other side and do the eavesdropping mission. Once it’s over, join in with the set of scholars inside the hospital and they will ferry you around in circles. You can go to Vidic’s computer and try to access it, but you won’t get in. This section requires synchronizing at a view point, saving a citizen and riding across Kindgom. Pickpocket – Someone else doesn’t like your target! v. There are ## Towers and ## citizens to save in the Poor District. The bureau chief here doesn’t like you much. ii. iii. ii. i. Once inside, it will trigger the glitchy starting video and you’ll see how your target treats patients that try to leave. You learn that your target likes to use missile weapons, so best to sneak up and backstab him before he’s alerted. After the cutscene with Al Mualim, you get a couple weapons back. 2. From here full sprint all the way to Damascus. v. Go back near your door and you’ll get an interaction option that uses the code. If you are 13 years old when were you born? You can safely go into the hospital before returning to the Bureau with your information if you want to scout around, familiarize yourself with the layout, and prepare an escape route. Go near Lucy’s computer and you get an interaction button. The citizen to save for easy entry is less obvious here. You’ll have to have some straight up battles here and there if you’re going to make all the achievements anyway. The attachment suggests a path you can take. Acre’s Bureau Leader gives you some ideas of where to look and seems at least neutral to you. 5. Assassins Creed Walkthrough Memory Block 3. k. Memory Block 3 i. 3. After you chat with the Bureau chief, head over to the hospital to kill your target. A gate opens ahead of you, go through it and it closes. After the conversation is over, follow him to where he stares out the window and you’ll get an interact button. 1. Jump to: navigation, search. iv. You’re told you’ll need to clear the rooftops and use scholars to get in to Garnier. There are currently 4 Assassins Creed games out for PS3. You’ll remember the oldest message in Lucy’s inbox talks about his computer access pen. Start working east up the stairs from the informer and follow the path of flags around. vii. Enter the main room. More audio and video and then you are invited to the center of the room. Once you step in, the door locks behind you. You need to figure out how to get this at some point. 6. There are ## Towers and ## citizens to save in the Rich District. vii. iii. Assassins Creed Review This page was last modified on 8 July 2010, at 07:44. Look in the closet. xii. You pick up a pen from under the computer. You are now Rank 2. Taking out a random guard in sight of the entrance with the hidden blade will bring the guys blocking the entrance to investigate. The two new ones relate to her friend and colleague who “committed suicide”. vii. Home > Games > Assassins Creed Memory Block 2 The lady assistant, Lucy, thinks you're too tired to go on. You find the combination to your room door and you can now wander in the main area when no one else is around. The guy does one look around at the beginning, and then the grab is pretty easy. Beat him where he stands – don't follow him. Now that you've gotten the hang of living through Altair's memories, it's time … i. You’re dumped into the lab as the system malfunctions. iii. At the second fork, take a left, then right around the corner by the haystack. viii. He’ll tell you that your target is vulnerable when attending his patients. You get a map of the guard locations that he was going to use to do your job for you. 5. He can’t even hang onto the map, so chances are you’ll still have to make the kill. Cut corners whenever possible and it's much safer to try and avoiding alerting enemies whenever you can, so they don't knock you off your horse, wasting a ton of time. Of course, you could save the citizen first and activate scholars to lead you inside, but that won’t help you up the roof. The rooftops have a lot more guards here and you still don’t have throwing knives, so hidden blade assassinations are the way to own the roofs. ii. In Jerusalem, we start with the Rich District. iv. Assassins Creed Walkthrough Memory Block 2. (this is on PS3). Pickpocket – You’ll have to use scholars or a random guard assassination to get into the courtyard for this one. From the bench go right through the market, then take another right up the stairs to a main street. He tells you that you have to make kills in Acre and Jerusalem. At the main intersection take a left and run until you get to the bench at the top of the stairs, where you can sit down to lose the alert status. Head down the hill the quick way (over the wall) and jump on a horse outside the gate. Start with an Al Mualim speech. This puts you into position of an immediate assassination as soon as the cutscene ends. Leap of faith down and take the new horse right beside the hay cart.

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