Share via Email Report Story 1. She leaves him, and on her way home she hears the bell tolling his death. 40-41). Change ), A Notable Poem – “I’m Nobody! This is a tragic folk ballad about two lovers, Sweet William and Bonny Barbara Allan. one source says that there are 92 variations, but they all share a common storyline: Barbara Allen is called to deathbed of a young man who is dying of love for her. And slighted Barbara Allan.”, “Oh yes, I remember the other day It utilizes symbolism in the last two stanzas, and the rose wrapping around the briar means that at last, Sweet William still overpowered Barbara Allen. Copyrighted poems are the property of the copyright holders. 'Twas early in the month of May When green leaves they were springing, When a young man on his deathbed lay For the love of Barbara Allen. Because of this, his last words were, “hard-hearted Barbara Allan”. After he died, Barbara felt very guilty and felt that she was the reason why he died. This poem tells a story about a doomed love so strong that it is the last thing on Sir John's mind as he dies and then it causes Barbara Allen to die of grief. Share. But one sweet kiss from Barbara’s lips It was in and about the Martinmas time, When the green leaves were a-falling, That Sir John Graeme, in the West Country, Fell in love with Barbara Allan. You drank your health to the ladies all around, ( Log Out /  He sent to her his servant-man To the place where she was dwelling, Saying, " Fair maid, you must come to my master If your name is Barbara Allen." Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They buried them both in the old graveyard, Barbara allan Poetry. But he took sick, and very sick 3637). They grew and grew so very high And heard some birds a-singing; “Hardhearted Barbara Allan.”, She then passed on to the country road, The song certainly has its roots before 1600, although the first explicit reference of it is found in Samuel Pepys' diary in 1666. All side and side each other. Share. ‘Hardhearted Barbara Allan.’, “O Father, O Father, go dig my grave, It utilizes symbolism in the last two stanzas, and the rose wrapping around the briar means that at last, Sweet William still overpowered Barbara Allen. A red, red rose grew out of his grave, His death-cold features say to me, The very last word she heard him say, 14th century) Many versions of this very popular folk ballad exist under a few different titles. If we have inadvertently included a copyrighted poem that the copyright holder does not wish to be displayed, we will take the poem down within 48 hours upon notification by the owner or the owner's legal representative (please use the contact form at or email "admin [at] poetrynook [dot] com"). 23-24). 30-31). Send to Friend . She hadn’t got more than a mile from town Sweet William came from the Western states And let me look upon him. They lapped, they tied in a truelove knot— Poem text 36 0 0. by btsjungkookie. Vote. All poems are shown free of charge for educational purposes only in accordance with fair use guidelines. Young Sir John Graeme seems to have been cursed by Barbara, who, when called to his bedside, reproaches him for slighting her when toasting others.

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