The objects we based it on was Jigs, but we did not know that when heading in, we just kind of went to a place we thought we could see a lot of re-appropriations. You want accurate observations and should encourage your users to give you candid feedback, however, users may not always tell you that you are wrong. Process what you've gathered to make new connections and identify opportunities. We later used this data we got from this in the Affinity Diagram project. ... Contextual Inquiry. This system should manage 100 customer inquiries a day." Top Trending Article on Contextual Inquiry, The Value of Ethnographic Research and Contextual Inquiry, Growing Your Career as a Multidisciplinary UX Designer, Part 2, Understanding Gender and Racial Bias in AI, Regionalizing Your Mobile Designs, Part 1, Universal-Design Principles and Heuristic Guidelines. It is immersive B. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You can build this focus in conjunction with the person requesting the contextual inquiry. Do not hesitate to ask questions. User Experience Professionals' Association, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License, © 2010 Usability Professionals Association. Studying the contexts in which people experience a product or application is pivotal in developing an understanding of how they engage with it, as well as to understanding the many, varied factors that lead them to the moment of engagement. It is important to systematically and thoughtfully analyse the data. There is always a percentage of missing or unknown assumptions that represent a part of the truth. You have to interpret your user's responses to refine your summary, accordingly. Overall I liked it. Whiteside, J. Bennett, J., & Holtzblatt, H. (1988). Planning a contextual inquiry involves identifying, locating, and getting consent from the appropriate users and stakeholders that you want to interview. Before we selected our potential contextual inquiry candidates, we grouped possible reading materials into three categories: casual reading, academic reading and foreign language reading. Home  |  What is Usability? These are very important in analyzing the data afterwards, since they really help us understand the whole situation, and gives us design directions. Great for seeing how different people do the same tasks, as well as the similarities. In contextual inquiry, interviews are often easier to arrange than traditional interviews, primarily because the bulk of the contextual interview involves observers watching users perform job-related tasks and interacting with their colleagues in a work environment. a. UX professionals use these methods to understand users and the significance and complexity of their contexts, enabling designers to create nuanced experiences that users not only want, but desperately need. Its basically 2nd wave stuff, kind of a praxis, the specific way these specific types of people do what they do. "Contextual inquiry is an immersive, contextual method of observing and interviewing that reveals underlying (and invisible) work structure." - Martin and Hanington, Universal Methods of design. Summarize what you have learned during interviews. The main goal of a contextual inquiry is to understand how people do an action, that action usually being work, and why they do it that way. Which of the following is true about the process of drawing Af finity Diagrams? "Contextual inquiry is an immersive, contextual method of observing and interviewing thatreveals underlying (and invisible) work structure." Introducing UCD and your services into an organization, Platform and domain-specific design issues. Use immersive observations to understand user needs and desires. In M. Helander (Ed.). An interviewer does this by promising confidentiality and explaining the reason for interview. A contextual inquiry is a great way to help you validate an idea. Check batteries, run through the script, get all materials such as notebooks and pens ready, etc. The book includes a chapter specifically on Contextual Inquiry. Since usually you know what your designing the task around, it is good to find an expert/usual user of the task at hand, since they are the ones that will probably know the most about it. Right after a session, it is good to go over at least somewhat of what just happened, while its still fresh in your head. You have find pretty specific people too recruit, making it hard. Rampoldi-Hnilo, L. & English, J.(2004). You usually want to find multiple subjects when doing this. Contextual enquiry – A primer. This is a sample type of ethnography, so its pretty short comparatively, with sessions only lasting hours. This technique is generally used at the beginning of the design process and is good for getting rich information about work practices, the social, technical, and physical environments, and user tools. During the interview, it is impossible to know what questions will be relevant. Remote Contextual Inquiry: A Technique to Improve Enterprise Software. You should also indicate that you may occasionally interrupt their tasks to ask a question. |  Topics  |  About the Usability BoK  |  Glossary. Also, begin recording your observations during this phase. Sandy Jones assisted in developing the first course on Contextual Inquiry in 1988. Conduct a traditional interview at the beginning of a session to gather information about the user's work and start to establish trust and rapport with the user. Do this with as many of the people that do that task on a day to day basis as possible, to get different angles on different situations. Read More. Some people may do things completely different then another. For successful interview results, the interviewer should severely challenge the focus, based on data and observations in each session. Besides that, really do not have much to say about it. Of the many tools user experience researchers use, contextual inquiry is often one of the least known. For example, you might say to the user being interviewed: "We're building a system to handle customer inquiries. The analysis of the data can be time consuming. Contextual inquiry is based on a set of principles that allow it to be molded to different situations. The main goal of a contextual inquiry is to understand how people do an action, that action usually being work, and why they do it that way. Contextual inquiry is based on a set of principles that allow it to be molded to different situations. This is a straight-forward process. Because of this, we talked to two different people, a manager, who we talked to first, and a metal worker, who was the center of most of the contextual inquiry. If customers are included as part of the user's interaction, be certain to get their consent before you begin the session. First thing when doing this method is finding a place to do it, and that should be based of what you are trying to find out. Easy to build a mental model off with this research, since its so focused on one thing. Another valuable reason for a contextual inquiry is that it captures how users currently solve the problem that you are aiming to fix. It is persistent c. It involves brainstorming d. All of the above 15. We need the help of volunteers to refine and extend the content. B., & Wood, S. (2005). Make sure to note down body language, or thoughts that pop into your mind during the observation. If you are interested in contributing, please fill out the volunteer form. Since then, Holtzblatt & Beyer have built on the Contextual Inquiry to address the full design process. UXmatters has published 1 articles on the topic Contextual Inquiry. Contextual inquiry is a method of practicing being present with users. As the reading we did said, make sure to take notes on the tools they are using, the mental models, the goals they have, as well as the values they may have. The interviewer, who assumes the role of apprentice, should only be observing and occasionally interrupt (when feasible) to ask questions about actions that occurred in the session. Despite this, it’s a great way to uncover usability issues. Contextual Design is an approach to defining software and hardware systems that collect multiple customer-centered techniques into an integrated design process. You walk around and watch what the subject does, like a normal ethnography, but mainly focus on the task at hand, and less on the culture as a whole. This method is about figuring out the details of what it takes to do that work or craft, so we can figure out how we can design better for them. The Usability Body of Knowledge © User Experience Professionals' Association 2005-2012. The nature of this method is an ethnography/user research method, since you are following around a person to learn things by watching them and asking them questions. Indicate to your users your intent to watch them perform their given work tasks to learn the rationale that guides their actions. Contextual Customers To learn more about people’s reading habits, we decided to interview and observe different types of readers using contextual inquiry. This can be done using the contextual design method or any other method that may be handy. UXPAThe User Experience Professionals' Association. Where in the organization should a usability group belong? Don't take something to be the case simply because others have said so. It is persistent C. It involves brainstorming D. All of the above 24. UX design begins with UX research. Switch from a traditional interview to a master-apprentice relationship where the user is the master and you are the apprentice. Gaffney, G. (2004). This technique is generally used at the beginning of the design process and is good for getting rich information about work practices, the social, technical, and physical environments, and user tools.

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