Does Cruise FM broadcast on an FM frequency? var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Cruise FM is the only radio station we advertise with in the South Waikato as it reaches our customer base in Putaruru, Tokoroa and Mangakino. Shay Dender, Triangle Timber ITM, Tokoroa. FM: 96.3 MHz: Greatest Hits Radio West Yorkshire (Leeds) FM: 96.3 MHz: Heart Essex. Cruise FM was started in a recession and we’ve grown our business in a recession while many other media companies have been sliding back in both sales revenue and audience numbers. Yes, you can download the TuneIn app and search for Cruise FM, or you can go to the app store, Android Market or Blackberry Marketplace and search for and download for free the Cruise FM Player App. FM uses a higher frequency range and a bigger bandwidth than AM. This means that each station has 10 kHz of bandwidth on which to broadcast. FM: 96.4 MHz: Downtown Radio. FM: 96.4 MHz: 96.4 The Wave. FM: 96.3 MHz: Heart West Country. We use a PURE Evoke Flow radio in the office to listen to the off-air stream of the programming. document.write(''); Cruise FM does not actually broadcast on a frequency on the FM waveband, and is only available through the internet. There are several ways to contact programmes broadcast on Cruise FM. In harder economic times, one always has to weigh up where one spends the advertising dollar and we’re more than happy with the results of Cruise FM South Waikato.Gary and David Foote, Footes Furnishers, Tokoroa, Another great day was had by all in July at the Taumarunui Racing Club race day at Te Rapa racecourse. Description: First established as a broadcaster across North London, England in 1983 on the frequency of 104.50 FM with the youngest DJ lineup ever known, always specialising in publicising young blood and nothing has changed in this reworking of the station - now with contributors from Australia to Argentina and available to jog to on your smartphone - yep CruiseFM its happening … document.write('span>'); TV ad rates are up (viewership is down). document.write(''); There are people listening to the music of Cruise FM right now, and they can also hear your message. United Kingdom, Probably the best Soul Station in the world.....Probably. Anyone can sell you a bunch of commercials at the cheapest price, without thorough knowledge of all media and then stand back expressionless when the campaign doesnt work. If you have an internet radio (WiFi), such as a PURE Evoke Flow, you can use that as an alternative. Please note this Radio Station is The Original Cruise FM from 1984 Accept no alternative document.write(addy_text50332); When I navaigate away from the Cruise FM Homepage I lose the audio of the station. Our clients are enjoying the benefits of advertising on Cruise FM.  or phone 0275-734-726. You can now purchase and use legally in the UK a micro transmitter which you can connect to your computer which transmits any audio from your computer to a normal FM radio anywhere in your home. FM: 96.4 MHz: Greatest Hits Radio Grimsby. Genres: Soul. //--> Can I listen to Cruise FM on a WiFi Radio? To keep listening to Cruise FM while you do other things with your computer you need to visit the LISTEN LIVE page and select the stream you would like to listen to. There are several ways to listen to Cruise FM other than being tied to your computer. Sports, music, news and podcasts. var addy_text50332 = 'johnnydryden' + '@' + 'xtra' + '.' + 'co' + '.' + 'nz'; No. Hear the audio that matters most to you. You do need to tune the transmitter to a spare frequency in your area. This email address is being protected from spambots. It’s a great medium to reinforce our full service forecourt service and promotions.Pam and Garry Grimes, Bowyer Motors, Taumarunui, When I’m out servicing computers, customers tell me they’ve heard my advertising on Cruise FM. //--> Enter your email address. How do I contact a programme on Cruise FM? AM radio operates from 535 kHz (kiloHertz) to 1605 kHz. Simply email    PLAYING THE LATEST HITS AND GREATEST MEMORIES             John Dean’s Fast Five . This is where you can find the answers to your questions about Cruise FM. Win. Cruise FM has great rural reach in our 3 broadcast areas dominating a big part of the Central North Island where we are the talk of the town with many existing business enjoying our listeners shopping at their business. Radio advertising costs grew less than any other major form of advertising. Thank you CruiseFM for being part of another successful day.Marcia Black, Taumarunui Racing Club, Where else am I going to find a radio station targeting my customers across Waitomo and Ruapehu. Home ; Contact Us ; About Us ; Frequencies ; Cruiseletter ; Live Stream. Cruise FM, local radio for the South Waikato. Cruise Funky Music is PPL Registered.. John Dean’s Fast Five . If you are unsure which player to use and you are using ANY version of Windows then opt for the WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER as this is preloaded within the operating system. Cruise FM is available through The Lounge which provides the service to the PURE range of internet radios, and also through vtuner which services many other manufacturers radios. Does Cruise FM broadcast on an FM frequency? How do I keep listening while surfing the net? addy50332 = addy50332 + 'xtra' + '.' + 'co' + '.' + 'nz'; Location: UK. In the car, at work, and at play, radio is there... the companion and the advertising force your customers take with them wherever they go. Our 2 month plans are below and Johnny Dryden can talk you through the process of a individualised marketing solution targeting of active audience of 20-55 year olds. This is a condition of the licences that we hold. E-MAIL: Is Cruise FM available on an app so I can listen on my smartphone? Full details of how to tune in to us is available on the WAYS TO LISTEN page. The player embedded within the home page only works while you are on this page and disappears as soon as you navigate away from it, unless you have selected the STANDALONE PLAYER. You can select to listen using the DEFAULT PLAYER, or you can use WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER, WINAMP or REAL PLAYER. With radio, you are always on the front page. Cruise1323's Birthday Baffler . The simplest and quickest way is to use the CONTACT US button at the top of the page, or you can e-mail us at or you can use social media, full details of the addresses you need are on the SOCIAL MEDIA page. Cruise FM - First established as a broadcaster across North London, England in 1984 on the frequency of 104.50 FM stereo with the youngest DJ lineup ever Home Contact Us Sign up to our Cruiseletter. Entertainment. When you tune the dial on your radio, the number changes by 10 kHz each time. Cruise Funky Music is a trading entity of On & Offline Services Ltd, Registered in England 6776244, Abatement Suite, Po Box 1085, Enfield Town, Middlesex. No. FM: 96.4 MHz: Free Radio. For the Cruise FM App., we are a Nobex Technologies Partner Station. The initial Cruise 1323 On-Air lineup was: 6am-10am Peter Burgham 10am-3pm Craig Huggins 3pm-7pm Mark Elliston 7pm-12am Peter Frank At July 2020 the Cruise 1323 Weekdays On-Air Line Up is: 6am-10am John Dean 10am-1pm Dom Rinaldo 1pm-3pm Craig Huggins 3pm-6pm Mark Elliston References Newspaper rates are up (circulation is down). You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.write('<\/a>'); Cruise FM is fully licensed for web broadcasting by PRS for Music and PPL and is indicated by the use of their logos on the Cruise FM home page, and there are links to their websites on the Links page of this website. We have found the best apps to use is the Pure Connect and tune-in apps which are available on both the Google Play and App Store. Don't forget if your question is not answered here, we will be pleased to answer your question for you. FM: 96.4 MHz: CFM. Yes, providing you have access to the tunein or shoutcast portals. \n You can also take Cruise FM with you wherever you go thanks to our very own Player App, and also third party apps that the station is available through. The Cruise FM name has been used as the name was used between 1995 and 1999 for a station broadcast from Andover for Salisbury, Andover and Romsey using an FM frequency on the ComTel cable television network. EN1 9HP. If you use the LINKS button above and go to the individual programmes website you will find their contact details there. Cruise1323's All-Time Top 10s . I’m always getting feedback from Cruise FM listeners responding to marketing messages.Jim McIndoe, McIndoe Group, Te Kuiti, Cruise FM is the only radio station we advertise with in the South Waikato as it reaches our customer base in Putaruru, Tokoroa and Mangakino.Shay Dender, Triangle Timber ITM, Tokoroa, We have Cruise FM playing in our Mobil Shop and weve advertised with Cruise since day one in Taumarunui. Can I listen to Cruise FM on my Smart Television?