In the early 20th century while studying world mythology, Joseph Campbell discovered a pattern hidden in every story ever told. They spend more on fast food than on movies, books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and recorded music—combined. The Secret is a pretty good documentary, it inspired me to chase success. Instead, he finds himself forging profound connections with people from all walks of life — and wondering if and when to reveal his true self. When We Were Kings was critically praised and it won the Academy Award for the Best Documentary Feature in 1996. This exciting documentary follows Phillippe as he prepares for his mission. Muhammad Ali was 32 in 1974, and many thought he should retire, that he was way past his prime, that he couldn’t fight anymore. Whatever condition you find yourself in, it is never too late to turn things around. I am also the director of the documentary PROCESSED PEOPLE, and the producer of many of the DVDs in this store. A bootleg recording found its way into apartheid South Africa and over the next two decades he became a phenomenon. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Where does a healthy diet fit into all of this? “That’s the way I always ate when I was a kid,” Mr. Groce said in the book The Wacky Top 40. From community dwellers in Denmark, to a 60-year old surfer from Brazil, or the cheerful inhabitants of Okinawa, the film is packed with positive and optimistic stories of life and will become a real inspiration for any viewer. Please enter a valid zip code (do you have the right country selected?). In 1970, Americans spent about $6 billion on fast food; in 2000, they spent more than $110 billion. Business has become more globalized, and learning has never been more accessible or easy. If you’re looking for a kick to stop eating fast food, this doc is fantastic medicine. But when the album bombed the singer disappeared into obscurity. It was discovered that obesity doubles the chances of someone developing heart failure. Why has it become so prevalent in society—and how can one resist it? Here are 10 documentaries that will make you rethink everything you know about food and health. Copyright © 2019 “An industry that began with a handful of modest hot dog and hamburger stands in southern California has spread to every corner of the nation, selling a broad range of foods wherever paying customers may be found. Please sign up for our free newsletter to receive health info, and free videos! Even songwriter Larry Groce acknowledged this in an interview: “I know a lot of people think junk food isn’t nutritious—but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t agree that it tastes good” (The Wacky Top 40). While many know that junk food and fast food are associated with an increase in obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, tooth decay, and other maladies, and that vegetables and fruit are what they should eat, the popularity of fast food—more aptly labeled “junk” food—continues to grow. Scientists, called flavorists, work in labs testing and creating flavors to make food “taste” better. This title is available for instant streaming on Netflix. Here’s Why You Should Probably Reconsider, Incredible Moment Former Puppy Mill Dog Got a Bath and Realized Everything Was About to Change, 15 Must-Make Vegan Sweet Potato Dinners That Are Perfect For Fall. Because the food industry is a big business, many probably don’t know the facts about how their food is produced, and what ingredients in that food can do to our bodies. After all, healthy habits don't just happen by themselves. Wikipedia it and see the real motivation of the film maker. All it takes is some knowledge and commitment. I love connecting with people who have a passion for Entrepreneurship, Self Development & Achieving Success. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Dominion uses drones, hidden and handheld cameras to expose the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture, questioning the morality and validity of humankind's dominion over the animal kingdom. 1 "The Basics", Jeff Novick's Fast Food DVD - Vol. Price Includes inside U.S. -- Or select "IMMEDIATE STREAMING" to begin viewing video immediately after... PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING INSIDE US - Or Select "DIGITAL DOWNLOAD" and download video at checkout... Price Includes inside U.S. -- Or select "DIGITAL DOWNLOAD" to download digital video after checkout... PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING INSIDE US OR SELECT "DIGITAL DOWNLOAD" (SAVE $4.95 ON SHIPPING) AND DOWNLOAD DIGITAL VIDEO... ONLY AVAILABLE AS DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. The documentary is a splendid outlook on his life, his achievements, his personal life and it is an inspiring example how the power of a single person can make a huge impact. When these scientists find something they like, they extract flavor molecules from anywhere they can be found and then “mimic Mother Nature’s molecules with chemicals,” according to the program. He began a diet and losing weight to try to heal himself. As any busy person knows, eating healthy may not always seem realistic. When it comes to dealing with the increase in fast food—and the associated obesity epidemic—there is a lot of blame to go around. A typical breakfast was hot or cold cereal sweetened with raisins or fresh fruit, not a Pop-Tart, jelly doughnut or 500-calorie bagel with 200 calories of cream cheese. The foods were rich in sugar, salt and fat…”. Earthlings should be on this list! Our website uses cookies to function properly. Being publicly-funded gives us a greater chance to continue providing you with high quality content. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Limit the amount of beef in your diet. Directed by Paul David Kennamer Jr.. With Suzy Amis, Neal Barnard, James Cameron, T. Colin Campbell. 5 Plant-Based Foods That Boost Testosterone in the Body, 5 Reasons Why Pit Bulls are Misunderstood. Chris Evans Shares Sweet Photo Snuggling Dodger, His Rescue Pup! The creator of “Junk Food Junkie” was himself an addict. Make it an awesome day! No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. Some recommendations for people who like Documentaries as much as me are: Crazy Sexy Cancer which is about a woman who is diagnosed with cancer and tries to figure out different way in which she can cure herself. 1974 saw a daring act of courage from Frenchman Phillippe Petit, who performed a high-wire walk between the two World Trade Center skyscrapers in New York. After a year of suffering, she discovered valuable information that saved her life. Please share them with us and leave a comment about your recommended documentary. The gooey pastry eaten for breakfast? There are food manufacturers and their sly production techniques, unscrupulous advertisers who know their claims are half-truths at best, calculating retail marketers who understand that placing junk food next to a checkout line will elicit a young child’s fury and Mom’s lust for that “King-sized” candy bar. This is the perfect documentary for any health and fitness buff out there. Chef Allegedly Murders His Kids and Ex-Wife Hours After Posting Christmas Video with Son. Eating You Alive He interviews more than 500 Americans about food, then meets a 429-pound truck driver with the same medical condition. The white biscuit sauce slathered on top of a piece of fried chicken? President Trump and First Lady Test Positive for Coronavirus, Military Suicides up as much as 20% in COVID Era, Aung San Suu Kyi’s Party Claims to Have Won Majority in Myanmar Polls, Guatemalan Villagers Tell of Harrowing Escape from Landslide that Pushed Storm Eta’s Death Toll Near 150. To prove it, he takes a 30-day challenge where he can only eat food on the McDonalds menu, and he travels around the country to interview experts and regular Americans. Here is a compilation of 10 inspirational documentaries that will change your life. It’s no secret that the year 2020 has been the most trying year for the majority of us. Are you struggling to let go of your past? This FAQ is empty. Article By Joel Brown |, The Hide and Seek Of Happiness – Where To Look and How To Find It, 20 Ways To Live Your Life At A Whole New Level. The quality and popularity of some of the documentaries have resulted in notable successes at the Academy Awards, but also at prestigious film festivals. Sabrina changed her diet. How could it be passed over? Man on wire features an enthusiastic dialogue and entertaining narration, with spectacular imagery, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

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