Very nice! Leathery and spice overpowered any subtle sweet finish their other products have. It’s a well balanced bourbon. On the nose it’s extremely spicy with hints of vanilla that peak through. Some fruit overtones, Super smooth, not sweet, This is what I drink when I can't have Pappy ( face it, that is damn near all the time). The malted barley stands out with a white chocolate flavor. Evan Williams, the Silicon Valley guy, has nothing to do with the bourbon label of the same name. I've also used to blend with a rye in a Manhattan with nice results. Zero alcohol burn. For an Evan Williams product, it’s okay. It gets a lot of praise, but I wouldn't use my bottle for anything but mixed drinks. A light smooth bourbon but not a lot of character. I'm a huge single barrel / small batch guy and this bourbon left me wanting. EYE New leather. I had to go back and pick up a second bottle just as a reserve. 5. Parent Company: Heaven Hill Company. The limited edition 2012 vintage is bottled at 113 proof, commemorating both the 65th Kentucky Derby Festival plus the 48th Pegasus Pin anniversary. Worth the $26 I paid for it. Lol, Great review, good but thin and boring whiskey imo. As Kentucky begins its annual ramp up to the Kentucky Derby horse race in May, so do the distilleries there also begin debuting bourbons tied to associated events. I chose EW single even before I knew of rye/wheat flavoring differences. Really nice single barrel. On the nose: Meaty. This has no-doubt attributed to much of the success of the distillery since they got their start in 1935! Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage. The wifey and I are Evan Williams green label fan but this Evan is smooth tasting and have me coming back for round 4. Honestly really good from start to finish. A bit too spicy for my taste. The backend was rougher followed with a burn. It is also the only remaining family-owned distillery in Kentucky. Must have been the “tobacco”. 100 proof evan williams is great for the price,the single barrel is so much more refined. Solid bourbon for the money, but you won't mistake it for some of the more expensive single barrels. I am a proof whore in general, but 86 is so fricken low for something that's this good at 86. u/t8ke right? The sip is smooth, light, and fruity. Here its priced at $29 for 750ml so not too bad I'd say. Finish: Very short. Evan Williams Single Barrel Proof: 86.6 Age: 9 years old Who Makes Evan Williams: Heaven Hill Distilleries Master Distiller: Parker and Craig Beam. There are times you don't want to drop a lot of coin for a solid & smooth bourbon. Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. Oak and cinnamon became present on the nose while simultaneously taming the spiciness down. While the bottle may proclaim that this whiskey is Kentucky’s 1st Distiller, and pays homage to a 1783 distiller by the name of Evan Williams, in reality the current production of whiskey has no association (other than in name) with that individual. I enjoy it with two ice cubes and a few moments to breathe. Overall: The nose was the best part of the glass, and it was misleading. Very smooth from start to finish. Has a pronounced nuttiness to me, something I associate with cheaper bourbon and that prevents me from finding redeeming qualities. Great nose smell and very easy to drink with a nice little spicy finish. Evan Williams Single Barrel 2012 bottled 2019 - 70cl 43.3%, Evan Williams, USA $ 59.27 $ 84.68 / 1000ml. Here in Georgia this can be found from the mid 20s to the low 30s but with so many better options in that range it's hard to imagine myself buying another bottle. EVAN WILLIAMS SINGLE BARREL BOURBON REVIEW, EVAN WILLIAMS SINGLE BARREL BOURBON TASTING NOTES, BOTTLED IN BOND OLD FOURTH DISTILLERY BOURBON REVIEW, SMOOTH AMBLER CONTRADICTION BLENDED BOURBON REVIEW. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Pleasant. I was looking forward to tasting my bottle (barreled February 2012, bottled February 2020), and I love the details given of the batch, but was mildly disappointed. Williams  moved to Kentucky from Virginia where he took advantage of our limestone water to produce a bourbon of superior quality. A small touch of cocoa from the barley manages its way through, but pretty boring overall. Ultimately, Evan Williams would become the standard for quality in the bourbon world. Evan Williams was an American pioneer being one of the first distillers in the US to use corn. Is, and will continue to be, my house bottle. Pairs well with a splash of Diet Coke. NOSE Dark sweets like caramel and butterscotch pair up with some notes of vanilla frosting and corn to start things off. Each bottle of Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon contains the exact day it was put in an oak barrel to age, the barrel number, and the date it … I'll be picking up another bottle the next time I see one. The bourbon is matured in natural open-rick warehouses under the supervision of Heaven Hill’s master distiller, who monitors the progress of each year’s vintage to ensure it “maintains its intended flavor profile and superb quality.”, Evan Williams 2020 Kentucky Derby Festival Bourbon (image via Heaven Hill), “The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience is proud to partner yet again with the Kentucky Derby Festival to share the unique Kentucky spirit that makes this time of year so exciting in the Bluegrass State,” said Evan Williams Bourbon Experience Artisanal Distiller Jodie Filiatreau in a prepared statement. Every vintage is different, so for the purpose of clarification, I am tasting the 2008. Very smooth when cold. The rye is there too, but not in a big way. Nose: Classic bourbon: vanilla, oak, and spice. Different than one another, but still easily worth the price. 25 here, I'd easily pay 35+ at that point especially given older age ones like 8 year sipping on. Jason your review is right on as usual. Can drink on the rocks, and cheap enough to use in a mixed drink. (Fun Fact). For the money, there is no better bourbon. Evan Williams has a diverse core lineup, including their very popular signature Black Label, as well as some limited releases. Very mild nice finish. For the price, it’s nice. Perfect bourbon for cocktails or on the rocks. Makes a nice maple old fashioned. Could've just been a bad barrel since I havent bothered to buy another bottle in years, though. There is also a little leather and a nutty, almost granola like aroma that I get after letting the our open up. I get scents of pan-fried pork fat, with a twinge of Heaven Hill’s trademark metallic note. I’ve had some which I’ve really liked (2004) and some, that while they were still good, were just ho-hum (2005/2006). Average User Rating - 0 rating. Has that signature Evan Williams spice when warm. Get it while it's abundant and inexpensive because it won't be so forever. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Dark honey and dates, smoky with some wheated corn and brown sugar. EW Single Barrel apparently shoots for a different profile every year. A truly excellent bourbon! This was my first ‘keeper’. © 2014 - 2020 VinePair Inc. — Made In NYC, An inexpensive introduction to single barrel bourbons, this, Next Round Live: What's Happening in the Drinks Industry Now, Next Round: Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Is Replanting White Oak Forests, and It’s Not a Marketing Gimmick. But we all have different tastes! Not one I’d get again. Mash Bill: 78% corn 10% rye and 12% barley. Within a few seconds I was going for another sip. Then several years ago I found the Single Barrel and gave it a try. Splash of water to open it up or over ice and I can enjoy for hours! The Reserve is even better! Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2011 – Review. Wow. Great by itself and awesome for an Old-Fashion. Best with a couple drops of water...brings out the smoke. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Heaven Hill is the the second-largest holder of bourbon in the world and the largest independent family-owned and operated producer and marketer of distilled spirits in the United States. I'd say it is comparable to Buffalo Trace. A must try. 24th September 2020 Evan Williams has always been my go to bourbon. Meh. Smooth, minimal heat. underwhelming. Great flavor and finish. We really enjoyed this budget single barrel. Sip, saver and enjoy! Hello again, r/bourbon. I feel this is a sleeper and you can't go wrong with it for the asking price. Evan Williams Single Barrel 2012 (bottled 2019) Reviews Great value for money! I orginally got my first bottle of EWSB because I wanted to try a bottom shelf bourbon for comparative reasons. The first sip is super smooth. I’ve had the 2004, 2006, 2007 & 2008. Similar to the way vintage wines are selected, our distillers hand-select individual barrels that meet the specifications they've established. I found your review spot on but have to point out that the SB is something that will grow on you if you let it. It was just okay. Be the first to review this product! Do yourself a flavor and try it neat first. All they need to go is bottle these at 100 proof and hell charge more for it and they'd have a slam dunk. One of the best for the price. Has a smooth sweet finish. After emigrating from Wales to Kentucky in 1783, Evan Williams established a distillery along the banks of the Ohio River.

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