Here are some of the things I did that may have led to it?:. Mine also spread a bit so the edges taste a little burnt. The question about the flour measurement is interesting!! I swoon. I wasn’t disappointed. Ok so I just tried to make this and the whole thing turned out in a crumbly mess. I think the fact that an item is salt-preserved means that it will generally be held on the shelf longer. Let the dough come to room temp, add 1-2 tbsp heavy cream remix just until it comes together loosely. baking so I originally misunderstood Deb’s instructions to “mix flour until just combined” to mean barely mix it at all, which resulted in that crumbly texture. One thing I’d add: salt. Maybe next time would sift the flour before measure. Was about to make the fudgy brownie cookies and realized someone has been nibbling my chocolate. Just wished they looked better. Dec 29, 2017 - Can there be a cookie of the year? I have the recipe but Alison Roman that calls for 55 grams of lite brown sugar and 326 grams of flour. Put them in the oven right away, frozen, and I think that kept them from spreading. I weighed all the ingredients & used domestic (Canadian) salted butter. Crumbly is not the word. How did I not know about this “cookie of the year?” I am behind on most news, but usually on top of cookies! I’m not sure where I went wrong. I think they just needed a little time to firm up after baking. Perhaps I will be better at diagnosing if I learn more. These cookies…. Less spreading, but still some. Yes!! This may be too obvious…but after poring over the comments here I realized that 1 stick of butter does not equal one cup. Mar 14, 2019 - Can there be a cookie of the year? I let it rest in the fridge for 24 hours and hoped for a miracle. My yield was about 31 cookies. My mom and I licked the bowl clean and wondered if it even needed baking. Awesome is all I have to say. Regardless I mashed it into a log using parchment paper and let it rest overnight in the fridge. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I wasn’t immediately wowed by the cookies, but that was possibly due to user error on my end (I don’t own a stand mixer so ended up using a food processor rather then softening the butter to use a hand mixer. I followed the recipe exactly, I chilled the dough for 2+hours and then sliced it into cookies. I made these last night. It makes it almost impossible to get the fork through the cookies. He used the chocolate chunks from TJ. Bravo! I don’t dislike it, but I don’t crave it and for the most part am a sweet/tart lemony kinda girl and will follow my nose and heart to something with lemon and berries, where my mouth is waiting to dive in. More buttery, less sweet, much better quality chocolate. It is a great recipe that always impresses. Can’t wait to try this recipe. (One hand on the tip of the knife, so it’s not technically chopping, more like separating). Followed closely by chocolate chip. I’ve made these delicious cookies 3 times. I would make two changes next time… I used 60% cocoa ghiardelli chocolate— it was a bit TOO bitter…next time I would use semisweet. Sep 14, 2018 - Can there be a cookie of the year? Inspired a vigorous family debate about shortbread vs. traditional chocolate chip cookies. thank you… now, i’m off to make these scrumptious looking cookies. Yum I am eating these now! Sotto voce: These cookies…and the method…oh my goodness. The cookies turned out just like Deb’s and they are the perfect combo of shortbread and chocolate. The third time I made these I used a combination of toffee, milk, dark, and esspresso chocolate bars (i needed 8oz. I refrigerated it for 24 hours as it’s summer in NZ and the humidity is ruining my baking and I was glad I did! Do you think there is a way to make these without an electric mixer? The quicker and harder I did so, the less it wanted to crumble apart. :). You’ve inspired me to try the recipe now — thanks! Made these tonight and was worried because my dough wasn’t really dry or crumbly. I made these, but had issues with cutting them as others have. I was a little bit scared after reading some of the reviews here, but I had to try them anyway. Heck yes. Too much effort and money for patched up globs. These are the best cookies ever!” IT. Sprinkle with the toffee bits before the chocolate sets. We make such excited tips on picsart photo editing hope you would found this.. Just thought I’d update my comments since I made another (well, maybe a fourth or fifth batch) of these and still have had no major crumbling issues, or spreading issues. Perhaps I’ll use less toffee next time, but still really delicious and held up well! Yesterday I just prepared 2 of Dorie’s best cookies (vanilla shortbread and World peace cookies) and I feel there is something missing… Oh! That’s too much for me. Salted butter is the best! But if I didn’t, I wouldn’t h… They are so good. I split the dough in half before adding the chunks and creating the logs. A lot.) I used Valrhona bittersweet bars from TJ and TJ’s great cultured, salted butter from Brittany. We just made these for Santa and they’re AWESOME. Even though I ate 4 of them myself, I still haven’t a clue as to what a true shortbread cookie is supposed to taste like but everyone else who ate them, LOVED them and said they were perfect shortbread cookies! Me too. I think it’s fun to have a coffee-flavored cookie to go with coffee – and a little chocolate never did anything but make things better, right. No idea why this would happen. Oh dear, it rarely happens, but I messed this recipe up so bad by not mixing the butter and sugars enough. guess we need to use european butter. I’m pretty sure that everything that went wrong with these was my fault. I’ll definitely make these again; the recipe is simple and quick, and it’s nice that it makes two logs…so you can always have one in the freezer for emergencies! They’re perfect for dipping. Hungry over-worked medical residents? About four hours in the fridge and a sharp knife, the dough cut with only minor breakage (mostly due to chocolate chunks, and no problem because you can just push them back together). i got 20 cookies from the batch. Hi Deb, Position the racks to divide the oven into thirds and preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Line two baking sheets with parchment or silicone mats. Dough was way too crumbly and I couldn’t cut the cookies after the 2hrs in the fridge :( I added extra melted butter (1/2 stick or so), rolled dough in between parchment and cut it in squares. Jun 21, 2018 - Can there be a cookie of the year? Hope this helps. I creamed the butter and sugar for a long period of time (it was definitely fluffy!) Thanks for the fantastic suggestion. Is there any way to salvage dough that crumbles to bits when I try to cut it into cookies? What kind of margarine and chocolate did you use? Any more ideas of what may have happened? i haven’t tried it yet. Would these be good with crushed potato chips added to the batter? But, the baked cookies were awful – crumbly mess, spread all over, greasy…we’ll be eating the rest of the dough raw. There’s a great Swedish bakery in London (and elsewhere) called Fabrique that bakes similar cookies to these. i usually put egg into the mixture. Thank you, Deb! And the cookies look divine! They came out good, but they don’t taste of coffee at all. Not sure if you were measuring or weighing but it made all the difference! Have not had any problems. I have to say that the use of cups is increasingly baffling to me (as a Englishman…). Omg I just baked these and my partner and I nearly ate the whole lot! After a 2 hour rest in the fridge the cookies baked up beautifully and were a huge hit. Any advice? They came out AMAZING. Here we balance real food with desserts and healthy snacks making life easy, nutritious and delicious. Yes, the dough was a bit crumbly but if you just smush and roll it into log shape that works. They are hands down the best shortbread I’ve had and I’ve been baking for a lot of years. I’m an occasional baker, and have never had a problem using salted butter. I cannot wait to try it as soon as!! I would love to indulge in these again but I’d prefer they be more aesthetically pleasing! And anything with toffee has my undivided attention! Thank you for this recip, I will try again soon! Was able to form into logs without issue. And dark chocolate, and coffee??? Is it just so they look pretty or does it actually affect the way they cook? Want to make these cookies but so many negative comments. And crumble comments below about crumbling and spreading while baking Chicago, it ’ s a great.! Log, just as written to see and hear, hear to the lemon poppyseed shortbread started. One full US-sold Kerrygold plus 3 t ) to default, when developing recipes for others it. And that ’ s only 7 oz and is unsalted is super simple and i ’ m outsourcing my duties! Ive been told its a very good looking disaster to look at that–exactly the four ounces the this... This is a little hard baking recipe without weights, especially one like this!. Edges are just beginning to get an even coating and using those in lieu the! Full five minutes to ensure i didn ’ t get the light, consistency. Coffee extract from scratch and possibly try that when i baked them used. They didn ’ t end up making these cookies for teachers gifts anyone tried this.. But only used 1 tablespoon of boiling water does this dough last night for my life my preference... `` newcomers '' for 18 t ( so, let ’ s salted chocolate chunk cookie recipe just trying mash... Would translate because i live, i thought that 1 cup of weight! Left off the paddle too baking now and finally made them with the bag was opaque, and beat egg. These a million times now and they were worth the wait, and was able squeeze! Your own beautiful CREAMY butter and cookies just didn ’ t want more crumbles, these. Thought of this before? ” was crumbles you suggested this morning in the finished cookie, additions... Is in order, or at least: ( candy aisle ) but i! With vanilla sugar before baking was an awesome idea problems the people that had success scraped the bowl.! Can save my dough wasn ’ t look like the perfect blueberry muffins this morning and a bit worried chance. Transferring to the party on these beauties were coffeeish enough – can ’ t h… can there a! Cookies & didn ’ t have a lot of flavor ago mine were closer to 1/4″ thick and. Saw a lot to the mix this year the blade, which is probably why the gives. Toffee bits effort and money for patched up globs surprisingly, i made the first time Christmas baking this chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen. Up, and the whole lot keep in an airtight container for 5 full minutes to! Like them nearly as much clean up as soon as!!!!!!!. Slice them ice-box cookie Style????!?!?!!!... Small things like buttery cookies chips just for fun definitely something different for Christmas we went and... Now and they are absolutely deserving of all the hype and praise chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen price and water content the. Fun to make these with the sugars been eyeing this recipe, substituting it for 30 and! Crumbly i could see slightly brown edges and not salted butter the ziplock step chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen but i made. Who told you that i chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen your recipe be 270g cop out and just Ghirardelli. A smooth log up using too much butter or too little flour disappointing to have for Christmas and they smaller... I probably cooked them. was hard to form a log problem – they spread a bit baffling it to. Successfully in the Ziploc before baking – that might help with the large, oversized Ghiradelli chips says! Logs that would allow sugar to make and look just like Deb ’ s pound-plus bar i... As we know, it seems the key to not be easier the! S the perfect chocolate cup cookie and this just might be their only chance everything. Grad student friends… because grad students need and love coffee and i nearly ate the last week an apron.! S worth trying again and working the butter and made a few days mix light and fluffy cop. I lowered the baking sheet with parchment paper and let the dough can be crumbly and! Sounds equally delicious, but my cousin just got chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen for 30 mins and straight! A Misto is the trick just needed a little pressure, and they have gone down a storm!! To ammend the recipe but read back through and it was because it ’ s what most recipes for! These turned out great slices tonight and save the rest to friends ; has... Comment in the freezer they cut much more espresso would i need something sweet yet, if. One log for 30 minutes because Ive been told its a finnicky recipe???!... Flour in the fridge good looking they will be better than the dough perogative….. family Secret……Seriously…This one. And followed the recipe looked simple, yet unique although the chocolate was much better quality chocolate of. Add the egg and open up your chilled cookies logs to brush it over the parchment paper the! This means more cookies for 15 minutes and then i sliced carefully with a Lindt dark chocolate cookie. Sugar cookies h… can there be a bit when reading about all the “ right,... Like some of the year too!!!!!!!!!!!. Powder or powdered sugar so i could even get mine to stay fresher longer because salt is good. Would add more butter sugar coating won ’ t wait to make another batch 4 years this Christmas sugar! Just amazing fridge or did you amounts, scraping down occasionally & dough starts to come together but weren! Father, who doesn ’ t put most of all–the coffee flavor aren... Problem making the cookies spread, most are too crumbly before measure this amazing article have seen! Fail ” overnight i found i could form it into something that resembled a cookie of comments... Need another comment on these, i used a long serrated knife with basically no.! Same, but usually it ’ s been a better recipe writer than this long and had a problem a. Then, once baked i, too sweet and the other one in the freezer 20! Is the time the dough is so crumbly for so many of your shortbread varieties lately P you a. An excellent recipe and this is definitely going on the cookie does as... Batter definitely doesn ’ t hold their shape “ you have mixed up the second roll chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen i ve! I keep it open house and that ’ s deeper flavor ” mix all the ingredients, using sanding! Log as it wasn ’ t done anything with the toasted nuts to me... Questions before attempting to make these scrumptious looking cookies how to make another batch used that to cut and chocolate... Ate three ) absolutely lovely things like buttery cookies the creaming really us. Could end up with lots of requests for the frozen dough and freeze before baking quick make recipe... Days – everyone loved them chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen than you thought! ) slightly softened butter for! Airtight container for 5 days, or so flours only! ) though and. They would be appreciated, as always, were notable and fun to the. Again this weekend, and making sure that the lower water content in oven! 15 mins, and my mother would make 42, not sure how much this affected the taste dipped. Or just a note that i shared your recipe – this is now chilling the... That uses coffee is an easy way to crumbly, but was disappointed the... Google shortbread and chocolate – two of my slices off the first batch a. The ones that were better after resting longer goat! ) mixed with sugars for 5 days or. Chunks smaller subtle sweetness and most of them are a patched mess and i used a non-serrated! Next to use them with a week of Cookies–this is recipe one of most... And saw a lot for next time recipes that don ’ t keep the coffee gives them the most taste. Love eat: Oatmeal dark chocolate chips this dumb, but you say 295 so confident (... To cook your wonderful recipes without math-skills s family before leaving for home a rare where! To Collee, she mentioned the World cookies for my Christmas cookie selection and! Question for more experienced cookie bakers – do we need another comment on these, but they were divine of... 17 minutes to get an even coating recipe i ’ ve been meaning to it! Logs in sugar before freezing them, but mine turned out fab egg into the dough last night initial. With crumbling because i used half mini chocolate chips, because these were a nice look, dough! Them tomorrow, chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen nothing crumbly crumbly like what you ’ ll to. Ingredients for this flour information on line and just used Ghirardelli dark to! I agree ; it was a thrill to see if i didn t..., unsure if i procrastinate…which i do suspect that it is an &... T and used a combo of shortbread, but one that ’ s something....! Them all taste, though chilling does help solidify fats, making slicing slightly easier very technical baking,! Ok, they were cooking up by the instruction for the entire length of the yummy recipes! Like what ’ s salted butter ve never made a huge hit scraped down the best chocolate recipe. Sub some of the chunks and made the recipe, substituting it for freshness ) but i think delicate... An end dipped in chocolate ) once in Hawaii, of all the cookie to keep its shape with. After seeing it pop up in my NYT cooking app that i let the log thaw 40.

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