HIST 106   Modern Latin America   credit: 3 Hours. Prerequisite: Consent of departmental honors advisor. Students will develop hands-on experience with these skills. Explores the history of terrorism, its goals and practices. May be repeated. Primarily, but not exclusively, for students with a master's degree or equivalent, who are preparing for the preliminary examination in history and who need instruction in areas not provided by current course offerings. Political, social, and economic development of the USSR since the 1917 revolutions that brought the Bolsheviks to power; social change and social engineering; political struggles among Stalin and his rivals; the "Stalin revolution" from above and economic modernization; the USSR's emergence through World War II and the Cold War as a world power; "developed socialist" society. HIST 271   Nineteenth Century America   credit: 3 Hours. HIST 221   Modern China   credit: 3 Hours. HIST 277   Encounters in Native America   credit: 3 Hours. Prerequisite: Completion of campus Composition I General Education requirement.This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:Advanced CompositionHumanities - Hist & PhilCultural Studies - Western. in 1993. See AFRO 383. Directed research in special fields; may be taken in lieu of seminars in fields in which seminars are seldom offered. Introduction to the historical study of Americans' relationship with the natural world. From the article: What does such a course even look like? HIST 488   The American Political Divide   credit: 3 or 4 Hours. There have literally been contests dedicated to who looks most like the famous comedic actor. May be repeated to a maximum of 8 hours if topics vary. 3 undergraduate hours. Social, economic, and political survey of the region and its relation to the evolving Atlantic community.This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:Humanities - Hist & PhilCultural Studies - Western. Independent reading, research, and writing under the supervision of an individual instructor. An examination of major genres historians have employed to present history in the public arena, including documentary films, public memorials, legal testimony and museum exhibits. Examines the history of scientific arguments about race, heredity, gender, and human biological difference. HIST 425   Classical Chinese Thought   credit: 3 or 4 Hours. Glad we cleared up that mystery about Matt Trout-Coffee-Damon. An approach to History through a selection of prize-winning, influential, and lasting books, the point being to consider the role of the book in History and its relation to other forms of historical interpretation, including essays, web sites, films, lectures, and exhibits. This course examines the intellectual origins, scientific content, and social, cultural, and religious context and impacts of Darwinian evolutionary theory. HIST 305   Andean Countries of S America   credit: 3 Hours. From the pre-Columbian period of U.S. History through the Civil War. 1 to 2 graduate hours. 4 graduate hours. The goal is to survey how Zionism emerged as a widespread political movement and, in the process, helped create an independent state for the Jewish people. Only acting in one Shakespeare play doesn’t sound newsworthy until realizing that he is essentially William Shakespeare incarnate. 2 or 4 graduate hours. Even though the Lannisters are of a royal lineage, which the court jester certainly is not, the stoic gaze of de Morra feels eerily similar to the stoicism Dinklage exudes throughout his portrayal of Lannister. HIST 198   Freshman Seminar   credit: 3 to 4 Hours. HIST 344   Early Modern British Isles   credit: 3 Hours. 4 graduate hours.

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