The letter can be highly effective in recovering debts without actually having to go to court. Get resources and support for building apps and integrations using the Xero API. The letter should be a request for payments. Ask them to pay the rest of the invoice while you sort out the problem with them. Though you are requesting for delayed payments, it’s essential to use polite words in the letter; the individual might not be avoiding paying the bill, they might have forgotten to pay the bill. If the payment has already been sent, please disregard this letter. Or perhaps you’ll try them and get nowhere. Learning how to write an email with an invoice attached is a straightforward process. If we do not receive payment in full including fees and interest by the end of this month, we will regrettably have to ask our debt recovery agency for help. Be polite, quote the invoice number, say when it was due, and ask when you can expect payment. However, my records show that you still have an outstanding balance on your account in the amount of $5,000.00 with a past due date of DATE. It will make your bookkeeping a little harder, but it’s worth it to get paid eventually. "Xero" and "Beautiful business" are trademarks of Xero Limited. This is your first action statement asking your client to settle their debt before it becomes overdue. They should respond by attaching copies or receipt or bank statement showing the amount. Because of the delay in payment, we have no choice but to charge you a late fee and interest payments making the total owed $5550. You can charge a fee for late invoices, but only if customers know you have a penalty policy. Check their terms before signing up. Thank you for your prompt response to this matter. It sets out what will happen if the payment isn’t made within a specified timeframe. You’re not asking for a favour: the customer has accepted something from you and now it’s time for them to keep their side of the bargain. If we do not receive payment in full including fees and interest by the end of this month, we will regrettably have to ask our debt recovery agency for help. Find out what new EU standards and changes mean for you. Find videos on using Xero, case studies, product updates and more on Xero TV, Clean innovative ideas and insights from people who know business inside out. Aim to keep reducing the number of unpaid invoices and the total amount of money owing to you. The writer aims at reminding the receiver to pay their dues in the stipulated time to avoid penalties, extra charges or interrupted services. If you have not heard anything from your client, then this payment request email is crucial to the future actions you have to take. Always keep notes of your phone calls so that you have a reminder of the commitments your customer has made. Following up on late payments isn’t a job anyone likes. Keep an eye on your accounts receivable (the list of invoices that aren’t paid) and tackle the oldest debts first. A Thank-you letter for payment received should include; Interview Request Letter (Template & Sample), Gift Letter for Down Payment (Format & Sample), Gift Letter for Home Purchase (Format & Sample), Letter to Accompany a Gift (Format & Sample), Personal Loan Request Letter (Format & Sample), Transcript Request Letter (Format & Example), The name, address, contacts of the sender, Name, address, and contacts of the recipient, An expression of hope that the client will pay in time, Name, address, and contacts of the sender. You can also forewarn them of any penalties or extra charges should they continue with the habit. Xero Small Business Insights is a snapshot of the sector’s health, updated monthly. Use company, business or individual letterhead if available. 2. Otherwise, please send the full amount based on our written agreement or I will begin charging a 3 percent interest charge for the amount still outstanding after 60 days. 8 min read Email is an incredibly effective tool for credit control. As powerful as that is, a shocking number of finance teams don’t keep their email sword sharpened, and are likely to see drastically subpar success with their credit control.

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