There are a number of earlier Levels that can be completed with only one rock. This step may not be required, but there are a few miscellaneous Trophies that may not come naturally during playthrough. This is a physics-based puzzle game. All Birds With One Stone Note that you must do it in this order, as hitting the king 4 times with your rock will kill him (see Kingslayer). Success will depend on your ability to line up ricochets to either, kill multiple enemies (earning extra rocks) or rebounding back to the king to gain an extra throw. There are two types of Soldiers (normal and skeleton) but they have the same physics. Four for One This trophy can be a tricky one. Your goal will be to destroy all enemies without running out of rocks. During this stage, you can do all the miscellaneous trophies as well if you've missed something. Thousand Throws Trophies earned in this step - 4 Definitely trickier than Four for One but this should still come naturally. There are 16 Trophies that can be earned in this title. This will likely be the final Trophy in your quest to 100% this game. September 21st, 2018 04:03 PM by Paradigmatica. Moustaches: Find and complete the Secret Moustache World! Hit the King with a rock three times during a level. Use the same strategy as with completing the Levels initially. While attempting to get this trophy you will earn the, To get this trophy, you need to complete the, To get this trophy, you need to collect all the eight Moustaches that are hidden in the game. This is a physics-based puzzle game. There are a number of Levels where you can fairly easily get 3x combos and that have a rebound ball so keep an eye for them as you go through and persist until this pops. King Oddball Trophy Guide. For this achievement you must kit the King 4 times. To complete these Levels you have only a single rock. 4,692 Views. You will also unlock access to the One Rock, Grenade and Diamond Levels through progression. View 2 more guides for this achievement. In order to get this trophy, you have to hit the King with a rock. Step 2 - Complete the Grenade Levels These are definitely trickier than the Grenade Levels, but should not take too long to master. Covering PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 3 (PS3), and PS Vita. There is typically no single best way to approach a Level. Hit the King with a rock. To earn this trophy, you have to throw a thousand boulders. The third rock will be a diamond, and you must have the diamond left on each Level after clearing all enemies. Keep in mind that you can earn extra rocks from the 3X/6X multiplier and by hitting the King. As the bounces off enemies are unpredictable, the best way to accomplish this is in one of the Levels with the round rebound balls. Extra rocks are gained from the 3X/6X multiplier and from hitting the King. I get in the game the trophy "More than perfect" but didn't get the trophy in my personal trophy.

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