is interesting, I suppose, because of its small details. Our newsletter for film professionals worldwide. So I said again, 'This is not the right moment.' always thought of making this film,'' said Francois Truffaut as he discussed the origins of ''The Last Actors' memoirs, research, and the director's own experiences DLqcA,{ !8H�n|n@�d��sL�Lr@#����Y_ �+G h�bbd``b`���A�1 ��H0Ń$~��D�5$! The French pro-Nazis had a very naive image (This event, which facilitated deportation to concentration camps from Paris's Velodrome d'Hiver, is also recreated in Joseph Losey's ''Mr. Jacquot and Catherine Deneuve had been searching for a project on which to collaborate for years when Deneuve found the story of Marie Bonaparte, Napoleon's great grand-niece and Princess of Greece and Denmark, and her relationship with Sigmund Freud. Database on admissions of films released in Europe. They simply ask, 'Who's this great actor?' film's muted but unflinching depiction of anti-Semitism but also Mr. Truffaut's reassessment of the concept of the director as auteur. in time for the night's last subway service. Technology | Archives | mouth of a director. Otherwise, when a film is over, you feel too drained. Mr. Truffaut recalled the occupation as a period when ''everything was paradoxical. intolerance in general'' is evidenced by by the fact that ''The Last Metro's'' encompasses a homosexual director (Jean Poiret) and a lesbian designer (Andrea Ferreol) with great ease. in a pejorative sense. '', Now that ''The Last Metro'' has immersed him in the world of the theater, would Mr. Truffaut consider directing plays? ''She brought in more dramatic elements. We have to stop talking of these things. It always pops up in reviews of the collaborationist newspaper Je Suis Partout (I Am Everywhere): you read, for instance, 'a play that reeks of Jewishness War films usually have big events and heroic actions; 'The Last Metro' T he French word potiche means a vase or vessel, often gaudily decorated and mostly of ornamental use. h�ܘ�n�6ǟ����-��P�u�εY�&��˖�#�6WZr$�M��;$%[�(Q�bAE�CR�:CBIFĉ��� ���ّc�A��sLx��}L��D:�7��O@/ The girl from the title, just starting a new job in a four-star hotel in Paris, is followed for 90 minutes in a moving Bresson-esque film. His influence on the Surrealist movement has been widely acknowledged, and a host of poets, from André Breton to André Freynaud, have recognized their indebtedness to Rimbaud’s vision and technique. The wartime experience of Mr. Truffaut, who is not Jewish, were less traumatizing, but the deportation of his uncle to a small concentration camp (for politics rather than religion) feeds into ''The Last Metro.'' ''There's an entire vocabulary that has to be abandoned, like 'direction of actors.' I point them toward what is good for them or for the film. body of work, this character illustrates the filmmaker's premise that there was often more to fear from the pro-Nazi French than from the Germans. Who are the actors? International | Shaking his head, he declined: ''If you tell me a story - that yesterday you met a boy, for example - Science | 676 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<31007A0BA7704BB5BC8F63A32A16F7FD><42C75E1AAD632747B373FBFFD54E10BA>]/Index[655 36]/Info 654 0 R/Length 98/Prev 176657/Root 656 0 R/Size 691/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream

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