pag. These are changes you’ll want to know, especially if you’ll be taking classes this upcoming school year. The party, led by Raj Thackeray, has not named any candidate from the Worli assembly seat. , MLA Update 2009: New Formatting Guidelines, Possessive Apostrophe Usage (Possessive Nouns), A Struggling Writer Tackles Journalism: Moving from Creative Writing to Journalistic Reporting, The Implications of Google + on Classroom Hybridization. "This act had tarnished the image of the august house and hence amounts to breach of privilege," Patil said.     MNS leader Bala Nandgaonkar took objection to the resolution and said it was Azmi who had provoked his colleagues and demanded action against the SP leader. Nandgaonkar said the MNS had highest regard for women and that its members had "not misbehaved" with any woman MLA. Good luck! The Maharashtra Legislative Assembly suspended four Maharashtra Navnirman Sena members for four years on charges ofassaulting Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Asim Azmi, who took the oath in Hindi against their party leader Raj Thackeray's diktat, and misbehaving with a woman legislator.The resolution for their suspension, moved by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Harshvardhan Patil, was adopted by a voice vote with Shiv Sena-Bharatiya Janata Party alliance members abstaining.     Patil described as "most condemnable" the conduct of the newly elected MNS MLAs--Shishir Shinde, Ram Kadam, Ramesh Wanzale and Vasant Gite--and said it was against the highest tradition of the house. Four MNS MLAs suspended for 4 yrs for assault. • MLA style uses very brief citations in the textof the document, with an alphabetical list of works cited at the end of the document.

"Nobody supports what happened today.

Basic formatting is generally the same, but there should be only one space after punctuation. h�+U|4���6���f�uҖB9�Cꇑ�yy<3��ME�IJD*�`���M���j�a\AA߀2�D |fDI#'Z��0�KBS�E(C�TÄ�\r���P�@�R�4�0��e�0�KP���8D�'�KQGeN4ѩI� 鞞��bHx�`g_o,���5?��I ��x�Y�ǏI��'?�ѢHNz��t>�G�i��_����I.�z�&���OE���? The first day of the newly elected Maharashtra assembly got off to a stormy start, with the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena carrying out its … “MLA Update 2009: New Formatting Guidelines.” (un)Enlightened English. I’m just going to show some brief update highlights; be sure to get the new MLA handbook or at least check it out.

Don’t say I never warned you! 0

After the clashes, 73 MNS activists and 19 SP workers were arrested by Mumbai Police for violence. She too was suspended from the Parliament by sheer force of majority. ), you would start with the article name, followed by the website name. Tuesday, October 13, 2009 a Public Holiday in the State under section 25 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881. In February 2008, some MNS activists clashed with Samajwadi Party (SP) party workers in Mumbai when Samajwadi Party supporters attended a rally at Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai, a stronghold of MNS, where Samajwadi Party leader Abu Asim Azmi made a fiery speech. Eknath Khadse, the BJP group leader, called for a sympathetic view of the entire incident. ). Shinde was not present in the house when his name was called thrice for taking oath as member. �$7� ax��������q ���^ �� w 428 0 obj <>stream However, more often than not, citation generators are wrong–it’s hard to cover every nuance of the citation formula and many are not up to date with the seventh edition citation format.

It has a companion website that you gain access to with the book. h�bbd``b`6S��z ��b��P ��"tA��Ab�0����AJ��WȨ@ ��$b�

The MNS leader said he was offering an apology if any action of his party MLAs had hurt any woman member of the assembly.     Peasants and Workers Party MLA Minakshi Patil, who was present near Azmi when the MNS members assaulted him, was allegedly pushed in the melee.     MNS MLA Shishir Shinde described the resolution for suspension as "unjust". Underlining is obsolete. %%EOF

Since the changeover happened in April, you probably didn’t have to worry about it for spring semester classes. or no pagination (N.

The seventh edition of the handbook was issued in 2009. I should have a new article up tomorrow or so, since it’s the last day of classes. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is a regional political party operating in Maharashtra, India. In view of the General Assembly Elections in Maharashtra, the Government of Maharashtra via its notification dated September 29, 2009 declared the day of Polling i.e. But, there is nothing wrong in checking the footage again to verify the MNS claim that it was Azmi who had provoked them through his body language," he said. Khadse said since it was the first day of the new house, a lenient view should be taken. Then you add the date the article was written, along with the medium it was published in (Web, in this case), with the day you accessed the article following. Italics should be used for all longer works. 378 0 obj <> endobj

Two is not accepted unless directed by an instructor. However, be prepared for professors wanting the new format come this fall. I suggest stopping by The OWL at Purdue for more information and a couple more examples. I will win again by over one lakh votes," Shinde asserted.

I would have finished the one I’ve been working on today, but I felt it was pretty important for students to know these changes.

Yes, Word 2007 includes a citation generator. This means if you have a book, you put “print.” If you use a website, use “web.” A movie would be “film.”. I was torn on whether to accept this comment or not and decided to accept it so long as the MLA Citation Generator was omitted. URLs are unnecessary when citation information provides a clear enough way to search the information (author, website name, and article name, for example).

That being said, it’s very possible that your professor will notice a problem and you will receive a worse grade because of it.

endstream endobj startxref I’m just going to show some brief update highlights; be sure to get the […]

h�b```�E�|� ��ea�X��=L��%������i+s/�鬥��u9N7t�;����eM�0ˇ�2��Ux�a���h`� @����������A��@�I��3ʁ����d�g�#q�_@�Az�9#3���w�H2H9590��c`0f �`��}���"��"�3��4#1�(�,n ��� ��=i����� V�7q

Last updated on: November 09, 2009 18:53 IST, Priests' body challenges plea to remove Mathura mosque, Arnab walks out of jail after SC grants interim bail, Govt paves way for regulation of OTT, online news, NDA to form govt in Bihar next week with Nitish as CM, Two reasons why Bihar win was important for BJP, Defiant Trump insists he will 'win' Prez election, In Bihar victory speech, PM slams 'family-run' parties. The MNS had 13 MLAs in the 2009 assembly but lost all the seats in 2014. Unfortunately, no one informed me of this, so I’m just discovering that there are some changes I need to make to my term paper (due tomorrow!).

h��Y�O�8�W����i�T`��� ), and suggest picking up a copy because it seems that not all MLA sites are updated on the new guidelines. So in this example, since you don’t have my full name (sorry guys, I’m not sharing!

Nice formatting techniques, i am using (EDITED OUT) to make citation, a very good citation machine. 05 Aug. 2009. "Indira Gandhi's example is before me.

All citations should now include publication medium. 05 Aug. 2009. Yes, you will probably never have to cite anything outside of your college career.


402 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9C29AB839054AA428E8BE22B67B2A15C>]/Index[378 51]/Info 377 0 R/Length 103/Prev 115688/Root 379 0 R/Size 429/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream It was founded on the 9th of March 2006 in Mumbai after splitting of the parent party Shiv Sena. Unfortunately, no one informed me of this, so I’m just discovering that there are some changes I need to make to my term paper (due tomorrow!).

In April, the Modern Language Association (MLA) created new citation and formatting guidelines for 2009. Even The OWL only has a couple references and isn’t fully up-to-date. Election day Overall polling I do not permit “short-cuts” or cheating on this site, but I’m glad the comment was made so I may address it.

You can pick up a copy of the new MLA Handbook at Amazon for cheaper than the MLA’s price (woohoo! Yes, citation generators may make your life easier. If you are an educator, please be sure to let your students know about the update and contact your school’s writing center and let them know if possible.

In April, the Modern Language Association (MLA) created new citation and formatting guidelines for 2009. %PDF-1.5 %����

The second list of MNS mostly has new faces who would be contesting the Maharashtra election on the MNS tickets. There ARE several changes to how you cite things in your bibliography, especially to internet sources.

Notice I also didn’t include the URL. A MNS party worker said that Sonawane was also not happy in the party. @uR$�ϳ"����ܯ�H�sk7��v����r>,����;,&UY=&_��rQ͟:��]q���f�Q11I�Mgq�&˒��Y�� `�'���KQ>.

There are new abbreviations for things such as “no publisher” (N.p.) But, she ruled the hearts of Indians and rode backto power from Chikmaglur. endstream endobj 379 0 obj <>/Metadata 25 0 R/Outlines 31 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 376 0 R/StructTreeRoot 34 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 380 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 381 0 obj <>stream • This style is widely used in the fields of literatureand linguistics.

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