Initially, Josh is not receptive to the idea of his wife, Melanie, becoming pregnant. Although fairly simple, the story's message about the importance of stopping to savor life is a worthy one. Lane is repeatedly dogged by a paperboy demanding the two dollars he is owed. Terri Treas, TV-PG Stars: Nancy Beatie, Coppola intentionally makes Rumble Fish feel like it's taking place in a dream. Except, it is more than a parasite: it carries his DNA. Stars:

He convinces his uptight best friend Cameron (Alan Ruck) to join him and girlfriend Sloane (Mia Sara) in a day full of activities that include dining at a fancy restaurant, attending/starring in a parade, and taking Cameron's dad's sports car for a spin. Other costumes mimic the '80s outfits of the best TV characters of the decade, like Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell. Sean O'Donnell, Dolphy, Larry Chapp, After getting an unlikely chance to date her, Lloyd finds that her father (John Mahoney) doesn't approve of his ambitious daughter dating a guy who seems so aimless. Thom Hood, TV-PG

He has been the film critic for The Aisle Seat website for more than twenty years, and his reviews also appear weekly on the radio stations of Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation.

| |


Here are the 15 Best '80s Teen Movies, Ranked.

It went on to become not only one of that year's biggest hits, but also an all-time teen classic. She grows tired of their snobby, elitist ways and the manner in which they treat the less popular kids. Allen Johnson, 91 min Alex Rocco, 88 min Anyone watching the movie can easily identify themselves as one of these characters. He hit by car while chasing her.

How did we narrow this list down? Robert Llewellyn, TV-PG Marshall Allman, This act kicks off a crazy adventure during which he gets a gun pulled on him by a pimp, drives his dad's Porsche into a lake, and has sex with Lana on a train car to the sounds of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight.".

Comedy, Drama, Family. | Boran Jing, Stars: Micheline Presle, |

| Director: Nam Pham Hoang | Stars: Phi Hung Nguyen, Phi Hùng Nguyen, Thu Kim, Truong Ngoc Anh.

The movie feels like a horror movie made in MTV music video style.

Action, Adventure, Drama. Certainly, there were some unimaginative duds tossed into theaters in an effort to capitalize on all of this, but there were some bonafide classics, too. | What follows is a ranking of the best teen pictures of the era.

After some ill-advised comments from Darrin, Endora makes him feel every pregnancy related symptom that Samantha has. Charlotte Randle, I'm hoping to find a pregnant character that I can go as, but I can't think of anything!

Breaking Bad: The Main Characters, Ranked From Most Heroic To Most Villainous, one of the hamburgers he's flipping coming to life and playing guitar, that whole thing with Ted basically date-raping a drunk popular girl, The Circle: 10 Big Brother Players That Would Be Perfect For The Show. Sidney Johnston, Trevor Ziebarth, Eric Pierpoint, The story is straightforward. Speaking of Cameron Crowe, he made his directorial debut with the acclaimed teen romance Say Anything... Actually, it's not just one of the best teen romantic-comedies of the 1980s, it's one of the best romantic-comedies of that decade, period.

So put on your leg warmers, crank up your Duran Duran CDs, and prepare to go back in time. That quality gives the film real sting, marking it as one of the most provocative and (yes) deep-digging of the '80s teen flicks. 109 min

| William Reilly, Chris Salvatore,


| Britten Tillinghast, 50 min He's friendless. News, Talk-Show, Stars:

He was not exactly a major box office draw.

Hinton. Things end up becoming quite deadly. Taking its name from the classic Beatles song, Can't Buy Me Love is the story of Ronald Miller (Patrick Dempsey), a high school outcast desperate to climb his school's social ladder. My friend is having an 80s movie character themed party in August, and I'll be 6 mos pregnant. He has no idea what he's doing in bed. Peter Baldwin, Jeff Kassel, Comedy, Director: Karl DiPelino 30 min

Most of us are, at some level, Camerons who wish we could be Ferrises. Or, as the lead character puts it, "Life moves pretty fast. In the near future, a human cop and his alien partner fight crime and discrimination in Los Angeles. The way John Hughes directs the picture makes us feel as though we're tagging along with our hero on his day of play, which means it's a delight to watch. Then, in the second half, he expertly dismantles those same stereotypes, showing how teenagers are far more complex than they give each other credit for. I was hoping for someone recognizeable. Since young people are often influenced by entertainment, it only made sense to consider the messages these works delivered. Jacob York, Dheeraj Bishnoi, Morocco Omari, 108 min

Pretty in Pink is the movie that made going to prom feel like the biggest, most consequence-laden decision a teenager could ever have to make. The Outsiders was the more conventional of the two.

Louise Brealey, Chris Spencer,

Adolescence is a time of great drama. Peter Chan, The real life story of trans-gendered couple Emily and Cai. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It's shot in black-and-white, with the only splashes of color provided by the titular fish Rusty James likes to observe at a pet store. Todd Therrien, After testing a radical new pill for Testico, the boys discover there is a miracle growing inside Peter. And who could forget the animated sequence in which Lane imagines one of the hamburgers he's flipping coming to life and playing guitar to Van Halen's "Everybody Wants Some"?

Through his ordeal, Joel learns that there are people in the world with the kinds of problems he'll never have to face, thanks to his affluent upbringing. Comedy.

117 min Help, please!

Most of the great '80s teen movies deal with serious issues, as this list has already shown. Stars: Sloane Shelton,

Linda Thorson, TV-G | Jordan Feldman, He feels guilty for having failed to recognize the signs that his pal was so desperately unhappy.

Aside from being funny as heck, Risky Business works because it's a razor-sharp satire of sheltered suburban teens. Director: Agnes Moorehead,

Comedy, Family, Fantasy. What are you angry that we left off? Thelma Barlow, TV-14 Short, Comedy, Drama. The Case of the Celebrity Impersonating Alien, A Man May Work from Sun to Sun But Woman's Work Is Never Done, Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2008. Agnieszka Podsiadlik, In The Sims 2, players have a wide range of new options, socials, objects and lots more.

When he woke up, he saw all men around are pregnant instead of their wife. Documentary. We know it will be controversial. | Mr. Court is definitely an obstacle in the relationship, but when it turns out that he's done something illegal, Diane realizes that Lloyd may be the only guy she can truly count on.

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