Colchester, CT, a small town south of Hartford. Ensemble cast, Non-Traditional casting, Cross gender casting, Reduced casting (Doubling Possible), Expandable casting, Multicultural casting Elliot has never had an online date before…at least not one that showed up. The three sisters are going to have to bury their father—when they get around to it. Evan’s mother just wants Evan to be normal, and happy—and normal—and get along with her new boyfriend. Flexible Set. It's absurd. Always the fight. �^�kܝ�Zut���&K�)��:PG��KS�� ���V��Uův}�%öc�6�y? ", "Hilariously ornate in the best world-weary, film-noir fashion. Modern concerns and romantic entanglements clash on the battlefield and on the ramparts of Nottingham Castle. 'Hearts Like Fists' delivers an enviable double blow: humorous and profound at once, it demonstrates that the boundaries of what can be done with speculative storytelling onstage are limitless, and always have the capacity to astonish. Ά^_�'�ș�x\ۣqT�������D�!n�Z���7��7�'���ΠA�-z���pf�Ӛ3/)�P�����dh��"Y=#�p������P��,; ����'�Υ6�3� ����꯬Ei!#��$��P�}[ w*UAD�^��S�+��n���������j��Űzkuku�>�6fq���3�@8҆[��bLX��n�ڱ� _���5�S�b��lx THE STORY: Sixteen-year-old Evan Wills is an avid bird watcher who wears colorful songbird shirts to school despite the constant antagonism it brings him.

Flexible Set. "Rare Birds" is a new play by Adam Szymkowicz that tells the story of Evan Wills, a 16-year-old boy and avid bird watcher in a small town in Vermont. It sheds a harsh light on cyber-bullying…The main characters…are complex and believable, with deep inner lives…[RARE BIRDS] shares an important message through a heartfelt story that takes the audience on a memorable emotional journey.”, Comedy "RARE BIRDS proves that talent and skill can make an ‘issue’ piece a compelling work of art…What’s rare is Szymkowicz’s gift for naturalistic dialogue…After a sequence of smoothly escalating episodes of conflict and cruelty, gentle good humor mingles with nail-biting anxiety in the climactic sequence. Certainly not her wanna be sidekick, Louis who won't stop following her and narrating her life. Flexible Set. Sam is falling in love.

A window downstage right. We’re left shivering with angst, yet aware of the possibility that goodness can sometimes triumph…It’s a winner from start to finish.” — So I guess this is it. Susan has had far too many but would prefer not to discuss them. endstream endobj 9 0 obj <>stream

1 m, 1 w - 2 total

", "With NERVE, playwright Adam Szymkowicz ventures into the minefield that is online dating and emerges with a wickedly entertaining and darkly comic romance. ... New Play Network program, is flipping the script on the ways in which new work is shared and discovered. It was directed by Scott Ebersold, the scenic design was by Andrew Mannion, the costume design was by Izzy Fields, the lighting design was by Derek Van Heel, the sound and projection design was by Andy Evan … Minimal Set Requirements. It also features music by The Pogues and characteristic Canadian Maritime musicians such as Ashley MacIsaac .

Certainly not Super Lee who is busy enough at Central High. THE STORY: An office comedy. THE STORY: Pretty Theft is a play about ballerinas, boxes and the dangers of beauty. '����t��g���o~մ4p7gx��FU$97�m�N%�P�Usy�mo�!���(([�g{B-� ��p��i:�*ؑUP�,X�IL���^n����v�g��;�#~ qW�4i�@3���*�[x�m�zzf�~��L �vPj1�w�PnPy�$����a2`�C+5�����8E�E|3.�{���U����Ł��j_/,u=� U�vPG.a|"P�qK���]/0G'�� ���x�j�����/86��->�i�a�˪o1"~{��?r�I�f�[�1�fe�� |V�`]0cC��i "It's tender and poignant and awkward and funny all at the same time - you know, just like life.”, “'Kodachrome' is somewhere between an ensemble love story, a mischievous comedy and a supernatural dream.”, “This breezy new play by Adam Szymkowicz, receiving its world premiere production at Portland Center Stage under the direction of Rose Riordan, is warm and cheerful but clear-eyed about the impermanence of love.”, “Overall, I highly recommend KODACHROME. 96 0 obj <>stream He's afraid of crowds, spiders, skyscrapers, flowers, brown soap and sex. Full Length Now his junkie brother Timmy has been murdered and Happy returns to his old life to ask a few questions. The restaurant must also become an area in the woods where kids hang out.

���r*��Ts:F���\%�������]�d���0�9'-9}�����#qw /��b��V�y(�gk3n�.��G�N����Ȅo*��5�I�Φx�}��mQ/��f��k%�D^)�GrtH�x�-*W����a���RQք��0/!O|�i3��Fh�䯥�MZ ��B�W��Ÿ�W�O��Cd8�O��-� ��˒��8 �N��S]4�ޮ:�p����#�m�l=���ˏ��_.��n�� ���I���~�-�H��0�n���K�����i�:� A story of unrequited love, missed connections and a novel in a bottle. ", "Mr. Szymkowicz has created a new world out old parts, breeding a brand new species of creative animal. A play about adolescent violence and your mother's new boyfriend.

A play about selfishness and selflessness and love deferred and the fight. The worst thing you can do in high school is admit you love something. As the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, who will stand for the vulnerable if not Robin? What is the cost of revealing your true self in a time of trouble? From the awkwardness of asking out a pizza store clerk (Ambience Pizza), to a campy infidelity revenge comedy (Film Noir), to the couple destined to be together no matter the obstacles (John and April), this collection explores heart, grief, pain, and humor as the plays dance around the eternal human theme of love.

There is a small hall area where you can see if someone is outside his door. Cyber-dating may be rife with tales of nightmarish encounters with neurotics and sociopaths, Szymkowicz seems to say, but don't sociopaths deserve love, too?

THE STORY: NERVE is a dark comedy about falling into a relationship on the first date. �+Ѿ?��{���-����t�����N僺� L��wV�#L6�"��ܯ2�}c������:M\��aHؒޮ�B%Arִ�`ΙX�Q:�����w1N�yx�Dm��⋵[��\�P His ex-girlfriend could spontaneously combust at any moment. The New Play Exchange ® (NPX) is the world's largest digital library of scripts by living writers.

Full Length THE STORY: Elise is a pyromaniac fire chief who falls in love with Jake, the detective investigating her fires. "Firefighting and fire starting get the noir-camp treatment in Adam Szymkowicz’s INCENDIARY, which tackles the whimsical dilemma of star-crossed lovers in the arsonist and arson-investigator fields … this nutty love triangle of boy, girl and inferno is charmingly original and genuinely suspenseful. Lisa joins the Crimefighters, a group of crimefighting women, to stop him. ~�w�l=*}q$(j��U>�B�T�#�[;�� W}.�9<1A@��I0���0dX�Zo�T�c���K��$ɋR[�~�������Hg�䰘G�%C��3����{[%v�yJcSY4�B@�V�((+"��l��>YIi����[������DNH��"�a�ۆ�>���' ����o. This gender-bending, myth-rending gallivant through Sherwood Forest and Prince John’s keep boasts the funniest and most appealing band of Merry Men you’re likely to meet in Manhattan.”, “the show thrives on its own playfulness and silly energy while still tying everything up at the end. THE STORY: Waldo is having a bad day. Peter, a heart doctor, is trying to create an artificial heart that can be mass produced so no one will fear to sleep with their lovers again. Small plaster birds hang from his ceiling and sit on every available surface. His therapist wants to seduce him. His father is mostly taking care of his still unnamed infant daughter while his boss at work is aggressively trying to comfort him. Comedy 4m, 2f - 6 total Flexible Set. Dr X is sneaking into people's apartments late at night and injecting lovers with a serum that stops their hearts. 2 m, 4 w (doubling) - 6 total.

The film features spectacular scenery from Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada. This is feminism in action (in all its beautiful, heroic glory).”, “95 minutes of first-class writing, acting, and directing.”, “Adam Szymkowicz creates a rollicking, gender-bending romp that unveils the large and small ways leaders can inspire internal revolutions in those around them.”, Comedy

THE STORY: Orville is trying to get on with his life after his wife was killed in a car accident.

", "... this highly praised young playwright continues to be someone to watch.... engaging, silly fun with a satisfyingly intelligent underpinning. It's goofy. Drama If she doesn't rescue them from the Nefarious Evil Genius, who will? Comedy 2 m, 4 w (doubling) - 6 total #%��_��������Si=�TD8�ҧ��\��q�8��>L�5_��� �U�1�ZC>[-�\V���m.��XY�^����[G�$�jjD?�('�b�,=�ϵ�� Some of Szymkowicz's humor is low and some of it is slyly sophisticated, but all of it comes from well-observed human truths. Read the monologue for the role of Evan from the script for Rare Birds by Adam Szymkowicz. Rare Birds pages 1-15.pdf. ���)ӑN�JV��$�Ef��6�U� ��q����Q� ��7%��� ���n�Ps�3���,>1��(�J�lk>�1��3��]s�����H�vZh�$�����j�U-�/�{\)����KW[_8r��:T�V�G3��Ԓ;z��р~#) T�$f�B������x�'�{�I��Xᷧ�������>w�B��"��{8��8M�/��5V��u�Db���� z�̈HV������T`@�IKH\.�6�t���C�s��[)'����V-���l�o�����y�CG]X(��(�iH��}έ�`���+Ay�*ɸ��ՖK���Q

A Play for Youth ", Comedy THE STORY: Super Margaret is having a hard day.

In Pretty Theft, the undercurrent of danger goes beyond quirkiness; it’s more subtle and ultimately more horrifying. But first, she's going to sing a hobo song. Marian manages to present something important without taking itself too seriously – and that makes it all the more resonant. Evan says: Okay. ��t���5�� �y�%�g�7��xIP��4b ��� Karen is thinking of taking her dog and leaving forever. Flexible Set. Most of the stage is taken up by EVAN’s room, center. They tell the story of three sisters: Sylvia, a reporter, Barbara, an agoraphobe (played by a man in drag), and Alice, a scientist with a plan to isolate and eliminate the gene for love. THE STORY: Dr X is sneaking into people's apartments late at night and injecting lovers with a serum that stops their hearts. �y�`�,�=�w�|>>ϟ#��> 鈴��T�i����9���@�Fw�+R��E�. While Evan summons the courage to talk to Jenny Monroe (whose locker is next to his), troubled bully Dylan has something darker in mind. 3m, 1f - 4 total Unit Set. Short Plays “[RARE BIRDS] is well written, with dark comedy, intense drama, … 4m, 2f - 6 total It's weird how well this works: playwright Adam Szymkowicz has combined two inherently ridiculous forms of entertainment and created a perfect storm of ridiculousness.". While Evan summons the courage to talk to Jenny Monroe (whose locker is next to his), troubled bully Dylan has something darker in mind. 5m, 8f – 2 either (3-15 actors possible: 2-10 f, 1-7 m) Flexible Set.

Rare Birds. After some stupid choices and unexpected results, Evan learns that the worst thing you can do in high school is admit you love something. When things take a violent turn, Allegra and Suzy escape cross country and befriend Marco, a mysterious thief who claims he cannot be caught. But it hits hard where it counts–right in the ticker.

Interior. When they meet in a bar one night, all their personality flaws are revealed, along with a puppet, some modern dance and a desperation that may or may not be love. THE STORY: Bobbie drops the pages from his novel into the Hudson River. 3m, 4f (doubling, up to 15 actors) - 7 total 2m, 5f (doubling) - 7 total �\��?w�m&��r\�whmG��&\�-*gl�B������T"�I-AM%9���I��4�Lw�F�% ֖�g��e��=�ŗµ��#�PG(���F���Cd��-�`�HM����%)�L�薙~S����6�6�cI��t�D���h���|z�8�Âυ$jr�Տ����%Ϝy�'(z9 Rh��������u?��zW@Bm��0�PT '˪� Set Minimal. ", "…a smart, well-done play…Catch it before it's gone…", Comedy

Meanwhile, Bobbie goes out each night kissing strangers, and Sylvia goes out each night looking for Bobbie.

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