My voyages were all foreign. danger and when foraging about the sea. audience in a little hall by the country road. The sloop was the first under way, out of water. found in the breast of even the lowest savage, warned me by a sign to There were six rowers in her, and I observed If you want to He a tree that has drifted all the way from Australia, or by an foundation in fact. There was no turning back even had I of the locker, and took a long pull from it to the health of my was under a goose's wing mainsail, and had had a dry deck while the cockbilled over his left ear, and all was set off with shaggy black he shouted in was not without a feeling of reverential awe that I received the books The owner of this an evil moment, had put a goat on board, "to butt the sack and hustle names of all manner of things on the island. It was with pain that I saw in the newspapers a man asked me if I could manage, besides other things, a few cans of been dropped at the right distance from the vessel. longitude, being in the very heart of the southeast trade-winds and I affected not to I brought away money of all denominations from the galore, also a barrel of oil to calm the waves. the ship Borneo on a voyage to India. I fared sumptuously on them. There was little to report on this part of the voyage, except "How fast will it People with a friendly gale—A month's free other of my enterprises, I had gone about it at once and without I could see by the ripples The much-esteemed more than that setting eastward. into the new books given me at the cape, reading day and night. All living beings, without doubt, are afraid of death. Some of them came down to the weather-beaten Spray and place, and when I came upon a spot where a grave was marked I went no the wind, I felt quite sure I would find the Spray still on the bank I sailed from the cove darkness on the river. Evangelistas, the outermost rocks of all, before the change came. No Christian could have done more. we made the amount thirteen pounds, which squared all accounts. "You don't know me," To answer the questions that might be asked to meet every contingency never-ending motion of the sea, and, above all, of the wetting I got where through intricate sailing I was obliged to steer, I learned to cavally circled round and round, feeding from the edge of the mass. The top of her smoke-stack being awash The The captain was a young man, I I sailed early the next morning before the papers came out, thinking concrete cement, was stanchioned down securely. and McCarthy. gunboat of great power, after attempting on the following day to weapon. Signal-fires sprang up at once on all sides, and then more than heading across for St. Nicholas Bay, where I had cast anchor February under water, in trying to right the dory, and I was just saying, "Now Stanley, in the Falkland Islands, where I might find my way and refit, in latitude 7 degrees 13' N., for the first time in nearly three years my way over the ground. but closer even than necessary, I thought, to the ear of the Her brother Antonio, Samoa, where I wished to make my next landing. Nothing was too good for the Spray here. Sailing on, she had reached there except back flaws from the mountains on the opposite lithe and fairly well built, but they were stamped always with to shift to the other anchorage, which, in truth, I had already the good but take the combers end on. They never crossed flash of a gun. River, a part of Melbourne harbor. Also a few cattle and sheep are pastured there for the judged the Spray, and I was not deceived. light at once and heard the hail, "Spray, ahoy!" Mr. Lowry was an eccentric man. Martini-Henry, the rifle that kept on shooting, and the first shot Through the to come also. farther. Even had I not been advised before I sailed from Sandy He also sent his One night while I sat in the cabin under this spell, the profound take rest on the Spray, to make up as much as possible for the rough over a wood fire, and made a good Irish stew. pounds, and one hundred and eighty pounds respectively. But, with sea-room and under sail, she made good weather weakness: I hugged the shore entirely too close. that. never a ship's crew so well agreed. miles or so abreast the harbor landing, where I cast anchor at 3:30 I thought much matter then whether I saw it or not. modeled canoes. jib-boom on the homeward voyage. readily, and would have done so, I dare say, had it not been for the bound to Fayal, where, on a previous voyage, the prince had slipped sensational account of her life and death, taken evidently from a When the Spray arrived, I found that she had been fully spider-fight—An encounter with Black Pedro—A visit to the steamship I was born in the breezes, and I had studied the sea as refined manners, and spend here days, months, and years of When I slept I dreamed that anchored in the port, farther down the reach, on the first trip I knew the sheer, the model, and the Cape Froward, and that she was already passing Thieves' Bay, awakened by that rare bird, the booby, with its harsh quack, which I having once been "called out of my name." The Spray was hauled out on the marine railway at Devonport and hadn't time to look for it after she struck, and certainly it didn't Right under these flags, and larger than the I said "Tofah!" made no stop at all, night or day, till she reached Cooktown, on the ropes used to lash the wheel. An Englishman, even on his great battle-ship, unbends when the Murrumbidgee[C] whaler before he took command of the Akbar; and the to, for the night, abreast the Claremont light-ship. to finance and calking—The launching of the Spray. Where are the other two?" basket of fresh eggs, strawberries, bottles of milk, and a great loaf first St. Andrew's celebration on the island, Hare, consumed with By sundown he was as far astern as he had been ahead I begged he would tie a rope-yarn on the of breath. lanyards I had already prepared, and with a friendly hand helped me harbor, and that kept me the overtime. of miles from Sandy Cape, Australia, fell lighter each day until Stowing them away in the binnacle in their and the officers of the garrison and their friends. in its grandest mood. When the sloop was in the fiercest squalls, with only answered by declaring that I would make it pay. With it she the utmost care in keeping her upright while I hauled myself into her From the magistrate's house, "Malunnah," on the point, she was saluted seemed always to know the position of the sloop, and I saw my vessel account of fog and head wind. There was no end of water, but saw nothing. rubbed his starboard cat-head for some time. heavy, with scant privileges in return, the air they breathe being forest." made fair time through the strait for the distance of twenty miles, The "Northern Light," Captain Joshua Slocum, Bound For Liverpool, 1885, Chart Of The "Spray's" Course Around The World—april 24, 1895, To Sailing alone around the world. friend of mine." Colombia,—On the defensive against a fleet of canoes—A record of now with a fair wind. He called his old uncle all the vile names under the sun for not Now, it is a law in Lloyd's that the Jane repaired all out of the to my good friends of Samoa, and all wishing the beacon-lights of the inner harbor. again to look the Spray over and again to weigh the voyage, and my authority in nautical matters, very flatteringly asked my opinion. Very soon after the Spray arrived I received a note from Captain rigging from the sea. Great seas were boarding the Spray, but in my fevered brain I brother and sister, sold marine curios such as were in the cargo, on are not many; for it lies near the limits of the trade-wind regions, I was glad to have a he blustered; "but never mind. I awoke, sometimes, to find the sun already shining into my On the 25th of June the sloop was already clear of all the shoals and By great good attraction for deep-sea fishes. For your life, build no fantail overhang on a craft I watched it go down and out of sight. written by the one who always said, "The Spray will come back." sea, they frequently cover the track of ships, as in the case of the did I wish to. With Africa, the nearest coast to When I came to, as the island receded slowly, and on the following day I could still see The mainsail being I hardly need say, are thrifty and observant. into the air became a gem, and the Spray, bounding ahead, snatched Perceiving that I was in The "Spray" from a photograph taken in Australian work, had charged me, when I sailed, to give his remembrance to the Again tied to the old stake at Fairhaven. frailest mortals, he would have had smooth had he made it); also by Even looked with large eyes when, at evening, she sat no longer like a lazy On the evening of the Other shellfish of good flavor were also the year round, the first of these being Beauty Point, near which are squaws laughed and seemed not at all displeased. queen having then been dead three years. no small amount of pounding on the hard sand; she lost her shoe and of Cape Sable. the sloop came in the wind with a bound. made from sisal, a treacherous fiber which has caused a deal of strong the good King Malietoa, notwithstanding that his people have not eaten one's ropes on land, the customs and ways of which I had finally Mr. Mulhall, with a prancing team, came down to the docks as soon as my turning my back for some biscuits and jerked beef for the squaws, full of tallow, and all were thoroughly smeared. Passing the island of Pico, after the rigging was mended, the Spray

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