It’s really a guessing game, but once you isolate the problem area, it’s relatively easy to fix. Before customizing anything, the Scuf Vantage already feels like an improvement over the DualShock 4. Scuf Vantage review A mostly advantageous (and expensive) modular PS4 controller By Mitch Wallace 30 November 2018. The end result is the Vantage ($199, about £156, AU$276), a high-end modular officially licensed gamepad with excellent feel and a slew of customization options, all of which firmly positions this quality accessory ahead of similarly priced pro-controller offerings. You just apply a little side pressure with your index finger and keep steady on the trigger. These actually came in handy the most during our time with the Vantage, as they kept us from to move our thumb to the directional pad during intense moments. I got used to using them to easily call my horse in Assassin’s Creed. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. By Eric Switzer Oct 25, 2019 By Michael Higham on October 23, 2018 at 1:06PM PDT. A not quite Elite controller, SCUF's Vantage makes both smart and silly design decisions. Control sticks getting stuck, something that’s been a pesky recurring issue with Scuf’s past controllers, is unfortunately still a problem with the Vantage. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The Scuf Vantage is an excellent gamepad that anyone with some extra cash to spend should definitely consider, but you need to be aware of its potential issues. The Vantage sports a more traditional directional pad and overall, has a layout similar to Microsoft’s Xbox controller. I decided to pick up the Scuf Controller - despite all of the mixed reviews. SCUF’s Vantage Wireless PS4 Controller is possibly the closest thing the PlayStation has to the Xbox One’s Elite Controller. It seems to be directly related to the swappable anti-friction rings, analog sticks and faceplates, and depending on how each piece was cut at the factory, control sticks can either move perfectly freely or occasionally get jammed in any number of directions. and feels familiar aside from the very obvious change of the offset analog sticks that resemble the Xbox One’s configuration. Multi-function button mapping is achieved via a convenient switch along the bottom of the controller, and while a confirmation vibration or a companion app like that of Razer’s Raiju Ultimate would have both been nice, the on-board customization works swimmingly. We noticed a distinct click with a bit of resistance when using the bumpers (R1 and L1) on the Vantage that revealed these were mechanical buttons. If the triggers are too tight or loose for your liking, you can adjust them with an included key, as well. Piece of cake. The overall build is slightly larger than Sony’s official DualShock 4, and much like the PS4 pack-in controller, Scuf’s peripheral rests comfortably in your hands, making use of some nicely textured, rubberized handle grips. SCUF if you read this it's time you just shut your doors and say good bye. The Vantage makes a few good inroads into offering an Elite competitor for the PS4, but hasn’t made me want to toss my DualShocks in the trash just yet. Building one from the ground up, however, is decidedly new territory. I found that longer ones didn't feel better for me, but that's sort of the whole point: it comes with some many options for customizing that you'll quickly find the set up that's right for you. Its price — $170 for the wired model and $200 for the wireless Bluetooth  – certainly reflects this, and its customization options are wonderful, but the Scuf Vantage also has a few issues you need to know about before going in. Yes, it has its share of issues—including a slightly prohibitive price—but it’s an officially licensed gamepad, and its Bluetooth mode works way better than Razer’s similarly priced Raiju Ultimate, which makes the Vantage one seriously tough premium accessory to ignore. Outside of a PS4 controller’s usual buttons, the Scuf Vantage includes four paddles on the back that can be programmed to perform any other controller function with just a flick of a switch and two button presses. He has written about comics and film for Bloody Disgusting and VFXwire. Swapping between the two SCUF Vantage controllers for my review, the more that I play around with the SCUF Vantage 2, the more impressed I am with the changes. So dose this mean that if our Vantage controller breaks we are S.O.L. Scuf Vantage 2 Review: Customize Every Last Detail For The Perfect Controller. Simply put, it just feels right. You get four programmable rear paddles (compared to the previous two), plus two side-mounted “Sax” buttons. That’s where a Scuf Gaming controller comes in handy, making it possible to pull off complicated maneuvers without ever taking my thumb off the right joystick. New York, Between the Impact and the Infinity 4PS PRO, premium peripheral factory Scuf Gaming has been no stranger to highly customized PS4 controllers. Everything pops right off and right back on with no fuss and no chance you're going to accidentally break or lose tiny parts. Until Sony decides to jump into the pro-controller arena and release its own premium gamepad, Scuf’s Vantage is a solid choice to reach for in the meantime. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, The Vantage 2 by Scuff is the newest in their customizable controller line and an absolute essential that unlocks the true potential of gameplay. Don’t like the color your controller came with? The wireless model features a toggle switch on the bottom that allows you to switch from Bluetooth to wired on the fly, and the 10 ft micro-USB cable is long enough to accommodate most gaming setups. In our experience, we found that the Vantage as-is works just fine, but its many options cater to all playstyles. By Eric Switzer Oct 25, 2019. In similar fashion, almost everything on the Vantage is adjustable or customizable: The analog sticks, which are offset like an Xbox One gamepad and forgo the traditional PlayStation layout of Scuf’s own Impact controller, can be changed between concave, convex, tall, as well as a selection of different colors. Scuf claimed this was due to a firmware problem and sent us a new model with the update installed. 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With no option to keep the PS4 asleep, the only alternatives are to leave the console on for the sole purpose of charging the controller or charge the controller while you’re playing. On another control note, the disc-shaped d-pad feels pretty solid, minus an odd springiness that can sometimes distract from gameplay. In competitive FPS games, that can mean a huge advantage. It's less strain on your hands and, again, milliseconds saved add up to huge advantage. PS4's $200 "Elite-Style" Controller: Scuf Vantage Review. Scuf Vantage Review: The Best Controller in Gaming Somehow Gets Gets Even Better .

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