An Ordinary Hero – Although it deals with the same era and similar themes this isn’t really a direct sequel to. SAINTS AND SOLDIERS: AIRBORNE CREED (PG-13, 2012) – Although it deals with the same era and similar themes this isn’t really a direct sequel to Saints and Soldiers, as none of the original characters return. He reviews Hollywood films from a Latter-day Saint perspective at, Click Here To 'Like' Meridian Magazine on Facebook, Listening to Heaven: God is Determined to Reach Us, LDS Fiction: Pioneering Along the Muddy River. What can I watch on Living Scriptures Streaming. Christopher D. Cunningham is the managing editor for. When their sixth child is born with a serious illness, the Grobergs face their ultimate test of faith, only to find themselves surrounded by the love and prayers of thousands of Tongans. Streaming Sign In Uplifting movies, shows & more. The 2002 comedy that let LDS movies stop taking themselves so seriously. That’s because it’s technically a six-hour miniseries, not a movie. There are dozens of fantastic Mormon movies that aren’t available to stream yet, but you can still enjoy them with your family. Technicolor religious epic is a Hollywood classic about the Roman soldier who wins the robe of Christ at the foot of the cross and ultimately comes to believe in Jesus. Latter-day Saint cinema has found a place on mainstream sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as Gospel-oriented sites such Mormon Channel, Deseret Book On-Demand, and the newly-launched Living Scriptures streaming service. AMAZON INSTANT (TITLES FREE WITH AMAZON PRIME MEMBERSHIP), 16 Stones Experience the Scriptures like never before! TubiTV [Free], Amazon [Rent], Living Scriptures [Subscription]. Most Popular Lds Film Movies and TV Shows Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. VEGGIE TALES (TV-Y) – Netflix has five different episodes of this very funny Christian animated series, plus the feature-length adventure The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything. Thought-provoking, faith-promoting, and incredibly heartfelt. iTunes [Rent], Vudu [Rent], Living Scriptures [Subscription]. EMMA SMITH: MY STORY (PG, 2008) – This excellent movie is made by the same filmmakers and actors as the Temple Square movie Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration. Amazon [Rent], YouTube [Rent], iTunes [Rent], Google Play [Rent], Living Scriptures [Subscription]. Freetown After a member of the mob decides to testify against his boss, he’s put into the witness protection program. Sam, a very uptight, ultra-organized idealist, knows what he wants in life until he meets Charly, a beautiful and feisty New Yorker who turns his orderly world upside down and inside out. Their personalities are distinctly different. Previous Next Watch these and many more – with new titles added every week! A brother and sister set off on a journey through hostile Missouri to find one of the Brother of Jared’s glowing stones in this 2014 film. Missionary John H. Groberg returns to Tonga in the 1960s with his wife and their five young daughters. He offers online relationship courses, webcam and in-person therapy, and business trainings. The animation is phenomenal and the music may bring you to tears. Rated PG-13 for mature thematic elements, but has no offensive content. Films are listed alphabetically, and next to each streaming service we list if the film is available as part of a subscription service, to be rented, or free (usually with commercials.) So let’s say it’s Sunday. – The History Channel’s ambitiously cinematic miniseries covers the highlights from Genesis to Revelation. It’s amazing how effortlessly this 2003 film superimposes the plot beats of Pride and Prejudice onto a Mormon singles ward. This 2004 mockumentary-style film just may include the catchiest soundtrack on this list. Amazon Prime [Subscription],  Hulu [Subscription], Amazon [Rent]. In 1857, an intrepid group of Mormon pioneers embarks on a journey across the entire country in order to begin a brand new life, encountering many difficulties and hardships along the way. Here are 15 terrific movies and TV series for Sunday viewing found on Netflix. HEAVEN IS WAITING (PG, 2011) – Originally released as Midway to Heaven (based on the novel of the same name), this vaguely LDS romantic dramedy was filmed in Utah. Dove Channel [Free], TubiTV [Free], Living Scriptures [Subscription]. Preacher Willard Bean becomes the world middleweight boxing champion in 1905, but when Joseph F. Smith asks him to step away from the limelight and serve a five-year mission in upstate New York, the Beans immediately pack their bags and travel to the East Coast. See more ideas about Lds movies, Lds, Deseret book. The Other Side of Heaven A genuine hit in Mormon cinema, this 2003 WWII film won seven film festivals in its lead-up to release. This 2015 based-on-a-true-story look at the 1986 hostage crisis examines the nature of belief in the face of tragedy. TubiTV [Free], iTunes [Rent], Amazon [Rent], Amazon Prime [Subscription]. The views expressed by individual users are the responsibility of those users and do not necessarily represent the position of the Church. SAINTS AND SOLDIERS (PG-13, 2003) – Director Ryan Little’s excellent World War II film finds a Mormon sharpshooter crossing wits with an atheist medic as their band of soldiers tries to survive behind enemy lines.It sounds heavy-handed, but this well-produced and well-acted movie is subtle and compassionate, allowing all of its characters to have flaws, virtues, and humanity. We have a variety of plans to choose from, but all our plans include unlimited streaming of our entire library of inspiring shows, movies and audio. Unfortunately, not every LDS movie is available for streaming. YouTube [Free], Vudu [Free], Amazon [Rent], Amazon Prime [Subscription], Google Play [Rent], Living Scriptures [Subscription]. When two teens escape boot camp and steal the clothes of passing missionaries, many hijinks follow. Chris Williams struggles to let go of his pain and anger after surviving the same drunk driving accident that killed his pregnant wife and two kids. THE PRINCE OF EGYPT (PG, 1998) – Dreamworks Animation’s take on the story of Moses and the Exodus takes dramatic license, by its own admission, but it’s an incredible work of art. When it comes to home viewing, streaming is where it’s at. Once I Was a Beehive Forever Strong How are the Hymns for the New Hymnbook Being Reviewed? Curt Doussett stars as a grieving widower who reluctantly starts dating again just as his 20-something daughter gets engaged to Kirby Heybourne. Maybe you’d like to curl up to a movie, but you’d like to keep the feeling you got from scripture study and church attendance. This is terrific stuff, with Robert Powell making for a superlative Jesus. I no longer know which of these movies are available for streaming. Lots of videos to enrich your weekly study, including original weekly overviews, animated films & Church films. We scoured streaming services for all of your favorite LDS Movies. Click Here To 'Like' Meridian Magazine on Facebook, Listening to Heaven: God is Determined to Reach Us, BYU Study: Immigrant students raise academic performance across the board. A 2007 adaptation of the Chris Heimerdinger novel of the same name, this fantasy sees Utah teens zapped back to Book of Mormon times. So why did I see this one? You can draw on similar values and build from there! You’re back from church and you’d like to spend this “day of rest,” you know… resting. – Beautiful Christian film about a firefighter who turns his life over to Christ and humbly sets out to save his marriage. Saints and Soldiers We offer a large library of faith promoting media directly to your computer, streaming device (Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, and FireTV), phone or tablet. Living Scriptures has the best library of wholesome LDS media. Emma Smith: My Story Terrific production values, solid acting, and sincere storytelling make this perfect for Sundays. I’ve done the work for you, combing the catalogs so you know where you can stream what. Confronted with reality, Chris must decide if he can forgive the young man who caused it. THE ROBE (Not rated 1953) – Technicolor religious epic is a Hollywood classic about the Roman soldier who wins the robe of Christ at the foot of the cross and ultimately comes to believe in Jesus. YouTube [Free], Living Scriptures [Subscription]. Come, Follow Me For Individuals and Families: “That Evil May Be Done Away”, Ether 6-11, Pfizer COVID Vaccine 90 Percent Effective in Trials, Company May Request Approval by End of November, When Criticisms of the Church Backfire: The Amazing Conversion and Life of Captain Dan Jones, Abraham Lincoln on civil discord and fierce political disagreement, Giving Machines Will Not Be Used to #LighttheWorld this Year, Here’s How You Can Help Instead, Latest temple updates: 2 temples advancing to Phase 2, 1 in US returns to Phase 1, Responsible Reform: Elder Cook’s Caution About “Persistent Bouts of Christianity.”.

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