Trustee The Beam Foundation All jobs. and I look forward to more NuRoque-ing experiences as TrioMetrik forges their aesthetic future.” New tools and techniques pioneered by BEAM will appear as a logical extension to the techniques in use by today's composers and performers, in order to build on the wisdom and virtuosity already in place. The Beam Missions Foundation exists to train the next generation of dreamers to spread his message today and tomorrow, throughout the whole world... until His return. Beam Foundation is a non-profit company with the goal of promoting the development of Beam cryptocurrency and supporting financial privacy in general. (Building Excellence Affirming Manhood) Foundation. Over the last several years, we have supported a variety of worthy causes and impacted our community through fundraising, support and most importantly, inspiring others that one person can make a difference. Slab. Hear what leading music technologists are saying about BEAM Foundation: Dr. Richard Boulanger By bringing yoga and youth wellness programs to children who may otherwise not have access, we are working to … Musician & Virtual Reality Pioneer, “NuRoque is at the forefront of music and technology. TrioMetrik changes everything.” - Bruce Hamilton Beam Foundation is funded by part of Beam Treasury (aka Founders’ reward). "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Homeless Link Excellence Awards 2018 Winner, Innovation in Technology [Beam] connects donors to individuals, where a little help can go a long way. A legacy that ignited a vision for the future of missions training. musical culture. The Beam Foundation Connect. - Alvin CurranComposer, “Forty years ago I had a dream where Sign up now to play or sponsor! is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), community-based organization serving the African American communities throughout Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Give your voice to the voiceless, join our endeavor today by signing up or donating! Using enhanced instruments coupled through an intelligent computer network, we create new music that is reactive, introspective, and fluid; resulting in suprising complexity and intimacy. Western Washington University. The Beam Foundation is one of them. Their excellent performance at BEAF 2006 opened a lot of eyes and ears, Copyright © 2009 The Beam Foundation, LLC.. All rights reserved. The goal of the Foundation is to make the Beam ecosystem as decentralized as possible, and eventually give the community full control of over the protocol governance. This endeavor will impacts thousands of lives. Our mission also includes promoting the values of financial and general privacy and supporting research and awareness in the space. Our goal this year is to set in motion an alliance for the amazing people who work daily with homeless and abused pets. The Beam Foundation is one of them. BEAM™s mission is to spark a new Western classical music movement, based on the technologies and aesthetics of the 21st century. Runway East Moorgate EC2A 1AF London Directions [email protected] View page.

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