Left hand needs work – it’s not bad, but you can tell it’s not as tight and controlled as his right hand. Has the strength to take the hit and power through screens – when he’s caught from behind, he does a good job getting back into the play. Loves going to the reverse layup – this really showcases his awareness of avoiding the help defense / rim protection, body control, high-level/elite touch, and use of length. By using NBA sites, you are agreeing to our revised :privacyPolicy and :termsOfUse, including our :cookiePolicy"}; Defensively, he’s not a gambler off ball. Average vision. The future Kentucky Wildcat is one of the best basketball players in America. While there were no NBA executives or scouts in the gym to see these prospects up close, it's safe to assume they held the attention of many at home interested in selecting either of these two standout freshmen. Strengths: Finishing, Scoring Versatility, Can score off the bounce, Weaknesses: Playmaking, Undersized combo guard, Handle must improve. ", He can be better. window.gdprTextData.text = "NBA sites use cookies and similar technologies. It’s been a while, but will the Suns draft yet another Kentucky guard? PnR Passing: Did not show much PnR passing ability. Kentucky deployed a three-man guard rotation where he was used quite a bit off-ball with fellow draft hopeful guards Immanuel Quickley and Ashton Hagans. When his handle is under control, he does a nice job moving from his handle into his shooting motion (with nice suddenness). However, he can sometimes get a bit too eager on help situations and will end up either scrambling to the shooter or slightly delayed. There are very few guard defenders in this draft that have potential scoring chops that are better than Maxey. Envergure S03E30 - Les shooteurs incertains de la draft (ft. Nico Lang). Il y a 7 mois. In addition, he is prone to crossing his feet on his first move – he appears to self-correct on some drives and either stops the cross short or tries to limit the crossing. Gets skinny going over the top (though might get a bit too high sometimes). Using a higher release point than he did at Kentucky, Maxey drilled five straight three-pointers in his workout. His handle and first step limit his potential here, as he is not particularly advanced in terms of handle repertoire / ability to piece together multiple moves and lacks elite burst. If Maxey were to get a big stronger, this could be less of an issue. While his numbers don’t jump off the page, there are flashes where you can see the potential with his ability to score from three levels and defend at a high level. Needs to be stronger with the ball on drives – he does a nice job using his strength elsewhere on drives (taking contact, dislodging, etc), but he is very prone to getting stripped…and driving into lanes that aren’t there. Here is where Tyrese Maxey has been mocked around the basketball world. https://t.co/ZTXg9VpZU7. Can finish in traffic / through contact, crafty finisher with good body control (nice job contorting body, avoiding defense, and making awkward angled shots), and can finish with either hand. Boston. The 6-foot-7 athlete stared down a 60-inch platform. PnR Scoring: Comfortable and efficient scorer off the screen. He might miss an extra pass or force a shot at the rim when a better opportunity might be available, but he’s rarely forcing straight up bad looks. Ajoutez au mélange un athlète très performant (va très facilement jusqu'au cercle) à défaut d'être spectaculaire, vous avez peut-être un des plus forts potentiels de la draft 2020. Effort really pops here – if he gets through first screen and is re-screened, he’ll try to get through the second and if he bites on a move and jumps the gun a bit, he’ll try to get back. Once he’s already in the air, he does a nice job using his strength / same goes for him using his strength to keep defenders off of him (dislodging). Again, it's shooting in an open gym, but just about every shot was finding the bottom of the net. Would like to see him play with pace a little better and use change of pace to get the defender off balance – could be an equalizer against his non-elite burst. Enjoy more of his crazy, high-flying antics. Shot IQ: Solid shot IQ. Very nice touch on lobs (though he can get too greedy at times and force a lob that shouldn’t be attempted). In a role where he’s used operating next to a primary creator as a “co-pilot” in creation responsibilities I could see him thriving. He has a suddenness to his off the bounce game that takes the defense by surprise. Terrence Clarke does things normal humans should not be able to do. The NBA salary cap, luxury tax, and key offseason dates are set, NBA Free Agency will begin on November 20th, What will Minnesota do with the first pick in the NBA Draft? Off Ball Defense: Good footwork and technique. There are plenty of those in the West for the Nuggets to deal with, and Jamal Murray could use a respite in those situations. Aron Baynes sounds ready to leave the Suns. Maxey is prone to crossing his feet on turns, but his balance is very good, which helps reduce the potential issues that come with this – such as stopping as the ballhandler goes downhill full speed. Après Booker, Murray & Herro, Tyrese Maxey est-il le nouveau prospect bridé par Kentucky ? 2020, On se met dans la peau des GM pour la draft 2020 Il y a 1 mois, Draft Closes out with correct hand. Strengths: Point of attack defense, Effort/Tenacity, Weaknesses: Limited positional defender, Lack of impact Plays (stocks). Lire la suite, Alan Guillou Smart, not someone who plays outside of his comfort zone on offense – plays within his role (which is why he’s taking threes, despite not hitting them at a high clip). - United States His unique blend of body control, mid-air adjustments, ambidexterity, soft touch and strength gives him the ability to finish in a myriad of ways.

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