You can even search “How big of a tankless hot water heater do I need?” and the results (like this one) will surely include one of these easy to use charts. (60 divided by 5 equals 12 gallons per minute.). Different factors can affect UV dose and the ability of UV to deactivate organisms in the water. They’ll only have to raise their temperature from the average 68 degrees to their desired 110-degree hot water. (range) O.D. 0000012945 00000 n Enter 10 in the pipe diameter box and choose centimeters from its menu. }. Be conservative: take shorter showers, shut the water off while brushing your teeth, fill the sink with water while washing dishes instead of running the faucet, etc. Think twice about an electric tankless water heater, though, if your town has inconsistent electrical service. The simpler installation will also decrease labor costs, further cutting initial costs for the buyer. Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to shop! (Source)Remember, if you don’t want to run out of hot water, you should overestimate how many of these fixtures could be on at the same time! Before we get to how to use the calculator to size a tankless water heater, let’s talk about the factors that go into understanding what size inline water heater you need. Meters connected to the water line are the best method of determining GPM. For that reason, these values are the minimum and some margin should be added to them. In the case of washing machines, the average water consumption rate ranges from 18 to 50 gallons per load. "width": "450", For instance, washing machines run for prescribed periods of time. 0000562767 00000 n *For NSF 55 Class A requirements (which may apply where you live, check with your local municipal health region), UV dose is required to be 40 mJ/cm2. 0000008772 00000 n The longer the chamber and the longer the water stays in contact with the UV lamp, the higher the dose. This is another specification you will use to pick how big of a water heater you need. This temperature is just a preference but is typically around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. About 6 f/s flow velocity, also suction side of pump: Assume Average Pressure (20-100PSI). Every fixture and appliance in your home that dispenses water can be rated based on the number of gallons per minute (GPM) that pass through it. 0000011112 00000 n 115 Corporate Center Dr Ste J Now that we have an understanding of important terminology and factors for choosing a tankless water heater, let’s explore some examples. { Estimate the maximum amount of these that you would feasibly run at the same time – and add up the flow rate for each of these devices (or use our calculator below). trailer << /Size 87 /Info 30 0 R /Root 33 0 R /Prev 903424 /ID[<642d3614bda34d9685c8eeb7a0c6a437>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 33 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 19 0 R /Metadata 31 0 R /JT 29 0 R /PageLabels 18 0 R >> endobj 85 0 obj << /S 113 /L 288 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 86 0 R >> stream In most regions, gas may be much more affordable for long term use. "@type": "Article", The result is the GPM. Write down each GPM figure, whether it is your fixture’s true GPM or an estimate, then add them up. The accepted standard for most applications is 30 mJ/cm2*. Determine the pressure loss at one-half of 75 GPM, or 37.5 GPM, to confirm the approximate square-power relationship between pressure and flow.

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