Cute (治愈 zhìyù) – original meaning is 'heal'. 这几天我们的眼前. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Why Thai Laugh When Chinese Cry? Be part of the HiNative community while on the go! The character itself contains two radicals with good meanings. Latin alphabet abbreviations (rather than Chinese characters) are also sometimes used to evade censorship. The Language Level symbol shows a user's proficiency in the languages they're interested in. ),代表其在平台内的综合表现越好。, 准确来说,这个不是缩写。“skr”是一些说唱歌手很喜欢说的一个拟声词,直译起来就是①飙车②飙车时轮胎摩擦地面的拟声词,引申义有抛开不爽的事情等等。, 拼音缩写体我们90后也会啊,如“gg=哥哥,mm=妹妹”,这在当时成为90后群体中心照不宣的默契,但现在怎么就看不懂呢,这不科学啊。, 作为一枚不肯轻易认输的90后,我觉得自己还可以靠输入法抢救一下,只可惜输入法的真相不止一个。, 然而万万没想到,输入法给出的这些似是而非的答案,在00后眼里,其实都是需要纠正的!, 缩写体既是对别家的尊重,也是对自家的保护,就算真到骂人的时候,用缩写也可以避免被群殴,当然还有最最最重要的一点,就是方便!, 各种日常交流必备词汇就不用说了,必须背得滚瓜烂熟,虽然字面意思简单易懂,但要是不懂其中的玄机,真是想破脑壳也不知道究竟是哪个词儿,比如:, 自从有了这源自饭圈的缩写体,00后不仅形成了自己的语言体系,言谈之间也体现出了极高的文化素养,成语俗话信手拈来,而且圈外人还完全看不出他们在说成语,因为他们用神奇的缩写大法化腐朽为神奇,巧妙地隐藏了自己的实力。, 虽说00后的网络暗语我们看不懂,但每一代人都有自己的专属语言体系,这些语言体系是新一代的青年创造的,缩短了世界的距离,又使文字语言锦上添花,大家说话更遂心更直率,联络也更贴心更亲切,体现了一个时代的发展,是时代的产物!, 虽说00后的网络暗语我们看不懂,但每一代人都有自己的专属语言体系,这些语言体系是新一代的青年创造的,缩短了世界的距离,又使文字语言锦上添花,大家说话更遂心更直率. i want to know when i should use which one One of the most frequently used abbreviations comes in the form of numbers. The categories given below are not exclusive and are used distinguish the different kinds of Chinese internet slang. Everyday beauties would usually not get this attached to their name or how they're described. Person2: xswlPerson2: So funny. 748 – "Go and die! 94 – "So," "But," etc. Meaning "nobody cares," it is short for an English phrase. Therefore, it is obviously that Chinese characters can be typed either by pronunciation or by writing (the shapes of the Chinese characters). Sign up for premium, and you can play other user's audio/video answers. Sound them out phonetically and with just a bit of imagination, you will be able to figure out the meaning. The Language Level symbol shows a user's proficiency in the languages they're interested in. 520 – "I love you". This is the ultimate good luck character in the Chinese language.It means good fortune, good luck, and wealth ( all of what we wish for). 100k "dumb cunt", commonly used as an insult, SMT – shāmâtè (杀马特), unusual appearance and strange style, TMD – tāmāde (他妈的), common Chinese expletive used for 'damn, fuck,' and the like, WDR – wàidìrén (外地人), stranger, outsider, foreigner, WSND – "Wo Shi Ni Die", "I am your father", XJ – xiǎojiě (小姐), young woman, but also commonly for prostitute, YQZH – yǒuqiánzhēnhǎo(有钱真好), so good to be rich, or sometimes, admire another who is rich, YY – yì yín (意淫), fantasizing, sexual thoughts, Dear (亲 qīn) – short for 亲爱的 (qīn'àide), friendly term of respect, address, and the like, Don't know (不造 Bù zào) – A contraction of standard Chinese "I don't know" (不知道 Bù zhīdào), Life is so hard that some lies are better not exposed (人艰不拆 rénjiānbùchāi) – This comes from the lyrics of a song entitled “Shuo Huang” (Lies), by Taiwanese singer, Short, ugly and poor (矮丑穷 ǎichǒuqióng or 矮丑矬 ǎichǒucuó) – The opposite of, Tall, rich and handsome (高富帅 gāofùshuài) – This is the opposite of "ǎichǒuqióng" or “diaosi”. A lot of the textual Chinese lingo used by locals is made up of numbers. Starting from late 2013, the meaning has changed and is now widely used to describe the, Weird (重口味 zhòng kǒuwèi) – Literally a "heavy taste, interest or hobby" such as in, Excuse me?! Chinese is a language with a writing system of characters. skr. 我就知道会有这样的问题,我就知道你们非要我一个硬核的答案,好,接下来,这个会非常硬核,我敢说90%的人都听不懂我在说什么,因为连我自己都不知道这究竟是什么,行吧,让我们开始!. "Your mom is dead. Let us know below! Check out our Word on the Street Article or our article on Chinese Lingo on the Internet! The word comes from an, Too tired to love (累觉不爱 lèijuébùài) – This slang phrase is a literal abbreviation of the Chinese phrase “too tired to fall in love anymore.” It originated from an article on the, White complexion, rich, and beautiful (白富美 báifùměi) – Female equivalent of, Get rid of single status (脱单,tuōdān) – Getting rid of single status, no longer single, Setting a goal (立flag, lìflag) – Setting a goal to achieve, Fresh little meat (小鲜肉 xiǎo xiānròu) – Young, cute, handsome male idol, of around 12 to 25 years old.

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